Containment: lots of ideas for partying from a distance

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If a loved one’s birthday is coming up and you want to mark it, or if you want to find some treats to send them to them, then read on.

We have kitchen ideas, flowers, decorations, online games for those special occasions, and the holiday season, during this difficult time.

Celebration meal

If you want to prepare a meal worthy of the name, then fresh food delivery is the way to go.

Above all, it is more important than ever to buy from independent producers and sellers. Not only do you get great quality products delivered to you, but you also help support the kind of businesses that we hope will still be around when we are again, and for good, in the field. .

There are a plethora of sites that offer cooking baskets, in which you will find a recipe as well as all the necessary ingredients to prepare the chosen meal.

Here is a small selection of the most popular sites, except for the last one, they deliver everywhere in mainland France:

Be aware that restaurants such as The pan in Strasbourg, The little beans in Toulouse and surely others in your city, but also starred chefs like Stephanie Le Quellec, Julia sedefdjian, Tommy Gousset, offer deliveries and take-away sales of their exceptional dishes.

If you prefer to bring your own recipes to life with fresh, local, and good quality produce, then there are online services like Greenweez, My market or Pumpkin.

Tchin! Tchin!

Remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, even at a low dose.

To toast this beautiful celebration from afar, and please everyone, why not treat yourself to a sparkling alcohol-free, or even prepare a cocktail without alcohol.

Many video tutorials are also available on Youtube.


The giant of the party, VegaooParty, House of the world and Modern Confetti, for example, ensure orders even during confinement.

There are decorations and costumes for all tastes, ages and occasions.

Why not make your own decorations? It’s also a great opportunity to learn and have a good time with the family, but also to save! The sites and Dea vita are full of great ideas, do not deny yourself!

No birthday without cake

There is nothing better than a homemade cake, do not hesitate to consult Kitchen (you will also find recipes to make with your children), cook or 750g.

If you are short on time between telecommuting and homework, then order a ready-made or personalized cake on Your cake, Creator cake, Cake Workshop… For festive meals and Christmas logs, then there are sites like grocery store.

A surprise shipment to one of your loved ones will certainly please him.

Flower delivery

Although many florists are closed, there is no shortage of online flower sales sites. To find out if your city’s florist is open, go to Allo-florist or try one of them:

Flowers will bring balm to the hearts of your loved ones, whether it’s their birthday or not for that matter. Of course, adding a little word is highly recommended.

Also, do not hesitate to visit 1 letter 1 smile to send a letter to the isolated elderly, solidarity is important at these times.

Let the festivities begin

Once you’ve got all the preparations for your party, you’ll probably want to invite others to join you, remotely of course.

Since the start of containment, chat and video conferencing apps, such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Google Meet have been all the rage and are the best ways to stay in touch.

Also, thanks to Canvas, create original invitations for free before your video calls.

Then, to liven up your party, there are the free DrawSomething Classic apps (Android/ios), Plato to play from a distance (Android/ios), Houseparty or Massive Music Quizz for musical blind tests …

Otherwise, why not plan a Netflix or Disney + party ?

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