Connected bracelet for children: 6 reasons to adopt it

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Today, connected bracelets are omnipresent in our daily life. They are appreciated for their practicality and for the comfort offered by their use. At first, they were only intended for adults. Since then, children’s models with a variety of styles, colors and features have appeared and have also been very successful in the market. Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely adopt connected bracelets for children.

Remote monitoring of your children’s movements

The child connected bracelet is a jewel with multiple functions. Among other things, it is equipped with a device that allows parents to know the exact position of their children. This device consists of an application to install on your phone and a chip integrated into the bracelet. The application is configured to communicate with the bracelet over a distance that varies according to the models and the accessories that compose them. If the bracelet has an integrated GPS, for example, localization is possible over a very wide perimeter.

On the other hand, when designed with Bluetooth technology, it covers a small area. So you must take into account the distance covered for choose a connected bracelet for children that suits you. During the various movements of your child, the bracelet sends you a notification if it crosses the covered perimeter. If the signal is lost, a search is generated from your phone to locate it (GPS). The app can be installed on both parents’ phones. This feature comes in handy for your visits to amusement parks, the beach and while shopping at the supermarket.

Monitoring children’s health

One of the major assets of the connected bracelet is its utility in the field of health. It incorporates a feature that you provides regular health information of your child. Among other things, it allows:

  • control heart rate,
  • check the distance traveled daily and the number of steps taken,
  • control the oxygen level and follow the breathing of infants (who cannot speak) via a built-in oximetry system,
  • track the score and sleep stages,
  • determine body temperature,
  • know the position your child takes while sleeping.

All of this data can be transferred directly to your phone or viewed on the bracelet screen. You also have the option of customize display according to the data that you want to see as a priority in relation to the state of health of your child.

A fun and educational accessory

Generally, children are very drawn to electronic devices because they find them funny. Many features like taking photos, videos and selfies, and games built into connected bracelets capture their attention. They are also enthusiastic about the customizable designs featuring designs, backgrounds and characters from their favorite movies or comics. Other models have educational games. Thanks to them, children learn to tell the time, calculate and count the number of steps they have taken daily. These different activities allow them to develop transversal skills essential to their success at school.

Develop a sense of responsibility and autonomy in children

Connected bracelets for children are equipped with a planning system. This feature makes it possible to organize the different tasks to be performed by the child during the day. It also empowers the child who acquires good discipline. He thus develops the notion of time, learns to be punctual and to go about his occupations independently. In addition, it strengthens his self-esteem.

Replace tablets and smartphones

The child connected bracelet is a very practical alternative to sometimes bulky tablets and smartphones. It is indeed equipped with technologies that allow it to share several functions with these devices. When the necessary connection is established, the calls and messages appear on the screen of the connected bracelet. Your child will therefore be able to receive all your calls and messages in real time. Some models are also equipped with a GPS so you can find your phone if you lose it.

Assist children through its alert system

The child connected bracelet also allows you to program alerts that can be sent in the form of a text message, beeps or vibrations. This offers the possibility for parents to define tasks, objectives and activities to be carried out. The child then receives alerts during the day. The notification allows the child to know when it is time to go to bed, for example, or to do a specific activity according to the parents’ schedule.

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