Connect Bluetooth headphones to a Google Chromecast

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You probably use Chromecast with Google TV every day, but do you know all its secrets? Google’s media stream player contains many features that are often overlooked but which make life much easier for users. Did you know for example that it is possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to a Chromecast?

Pair a Bluetooth device with a Chromecast with Google TV

Music at full volume or excessive noise from the television affect the tranquility of the neighborhood. To limit noise pollution and maintain good relations with your neighbors, why not use a wireless headset.

With this accessory, you will no longer have to worry about disturbing others. You can watch a movie, series or TV program while your spouse is sleeping by your side. It is the simplest and most effective solution to watch TV in peace without bothering those around you.

If you want to use your Chromecast with a Bluetooth headset to watch series on Netflix it is quite possible. The matching process does not present any particular difficulty.

  • Go to the Google TV home screen
  • Click on your profile icon placed in the upper corner of the screen
  • Scroll down the menu and click on settings
  • Then select the remote control and accessories option
  • Put your bluetooth headphones into pairing mode
  • Click on associate a remote control or an accessory
  • Your Bluetooth headset will normally appear on your television screen
  • Select your headphones using your remote control
  • Click on the associate button

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