Configure end-to-end encryption on the Telegram app

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Conversations on Telegram offer server-client encryption by default for private and group conversations. However, for added security, it is recommended that you enable end-to-end encryption. Here is how to configure this security option on the Telegram app.

Increase the security level of your Telegram messaging system

In recent months, WhatsApp users have seen a pop-up window inviting them to accept the new general conditions of use of the application. As a reminder, WhatsApp wants to make certain data transfers to its Facebook parent company compulsory.

The announcement of this update caused a lot of reactions on social networks and forums. Some refractories have even left WhatsApp to join other messaging platforms, which are supposed to offer better data protection.

But be careful, not all applications offer complete data confidentiality. Contrary to what many internet users think, past chats on Telegram do not benefit from end-to-end encryption by default like on Signal or WhatsApp. here are some Tricks and hidden functions to master Signal like a pro.

Indeed, the Telegram platform is satisfied with a server-client encryption, except for voice conversations (video and voice calls) and secret chat which benefit from end-to-end encryption. But rest assured, there is a manipulation that allows you to activate end-to-end encryption on discussions and thus enjoy on Telegram a level of security equivalent to other messaging services.

As a reminder, end-to-end encryption involves applying encryption to the message so that only the recipient will be able to read it. In theory, no hacker will be able to intercept your data. This security process greatly limits the listening of your messages by a third person.

Enable end-to-end encryption on Telegram

As you will have understood, the main advantage of end-to-end encryption is to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges. Only the recipient and the sender have the special key to decrypt and read the messages.

  • Launch the Telegram app on your Android smartphone
  • Open the chat you want to protect with end-to-end encryption
  • Click on the name of your contact or discussion group
  • Press the menu button in the upper right corner (3 small dots)
  • Select the option to start a secret exchangeStart a secret conversation on your messaging app
  • Then follow the information displayed on the screen

A pop-up window will ask you for permission to enable the secure chat option. Once the operation is complete, you will see a small padlock icon appear next to the name or phone number of your correspondent. If the encryption did not work, you will need to follow the instructions given below.

Start automatic message deletion mode

To make your exchanges even more secure, it is possible to activate the self-destruction mode. Once the latter is activated, your messages will be automatically erased after a predefined period. The principle is identical to that of ephemeral messages on Facebook.

  • Launch the Telegram app on your Android smartphone
  • Open the discussion of your choice
  • Click on the stopwatch icon placed on the profile picture of your correspondent
  • Configure the message deletion delay
  • Press the finish button

Note that for the iPhone, the procedure is slightly different. The stopwatch icon is located in the message entry area. You will then be able to end the self-destruction mode, regardless of the device used. To do this, simply click on the stopwatch button and select the stop option.

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