Configure a new voice on the Google Assistant

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Does just hearing the voice of Google Assistant annoy you? Rest assured, the American giant offers no less than a dozen alternatives. Male, female voice, with or without accents, it’s impossible not to find a soft and easily identifiable voice. This step-by-step guide lets you change the voice of Google Assistant on all your devices (smartphone, tablet, connected speaker).

Customize the voice of the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most important voice command apps on the market. As a reminder, this assistant integrates a wide range of devices. It is found on smartphones, speakers, tablets but also Chromebooks.

Once configured, Google Assistant is able to answer a large number of questions or launch commands on Android. You can also use it as a music earpiece or interact with your household equipment (heating, sound bar, vacuum cleaner, light fixture).

The success is such that the timbre of the voice of the virtual assistant is now recognizable among a thousand. Unfortunately the distinction and the somewhat monotonous tone can quickly become boring. Fortunately Google had the good idea to offer several additional voices.

Please note that the number of voices available vary depending on the country and the languages ​​used. At the time of writing, the choice is limited to two voices (male or female) for the language of Molière. Hopefully the offer grows very quickly as is the case in English.

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