ColorOS, Oppo’s Android overlay

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Although the last version of the Oppo ColorOS 7.2 overlay was last June, Oppo has already announced on September 14, 2020 that ColorOS 11 will be released at the end of the year. This new version, based on Android 11, promises a smoother user experience than ever. Let’s take a look at ColorOS, Oppo’s Android overlay.

ColorOS 11 is the first overlay developed for Android 11, labeled “R” for Red Velvet. This jump in version numbering may come as a surprise, but this is sticking to the Android version number for clarity. Its development is also the result of collaboration, since Oppo has worked more closely with Google to provide an experience similar to stock Android, while improving its software with ever more extensive customizations.

At the same time, Oppo also announced support for three consecutive Android versions for smartphones in its range, that is, a smartphone released on Android 10 will experience support up to Android 12. Security updates will be available every 60 or 90 days depending on the model.

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Oppo’s new slogan “Make Life Flow” sounds like a commitment. Oppo promises an even smoother experience on current generation devices with ColorOS11 by improving RAM usage by 45%, Frame Rate stability by 17%, response rates by 32% and a significant reduction in pre-load time of applications using the artificial intelligence. The deployment of this new overlay will take place from December 2020, first with the Find X2 and Find X2 Pro models. ColorOS 11 will then be generalized on the “Reno” and “A” ranges. Oppo has not yet communicated an exact date, but this should occur on 1er or 2e quarter 2021.

Optimized battery management for increased performance

ColorOS 11 comes with Hyper Boost 3.0 performance optimization technology. According to the manufacturer’s data, it allows a 12% improvement in battery life while the processor is used up to 30% more. A new “Super power saving mode” (Super power saving mode) drastically reducing energy consumption is also part of the game. ColorsOS 11 also offers an optimized night charge mode, to reduce wear due to fast charges. The phone stops charging at 80%, then resumes the remaining 20% ​​just before waking up.

Instant screen capture and translation via Google Lens

The collaboration between Oppo and Google is bearing fruit here with the advanced integration of Google Lens functionalities. With a three-finger shortcut, the user can capture all or part of the screen, to then be able to translate the content. If it is text in the form of an image, character recognition allows it to be copied in order to export it to any application.

A more ergonomic user interface

An effort has been made to the interface for more fluidity and increased visibility. With Flex Drop, multitasking is made easier with the ability to downsize and float any window so you can keep an eye on the background. The navigation is simpler and cleaner, for an experience closer toAndroid Stock.

The dark mode has been completely redesigned, the user can decide the tone and contrast of his dark mode and activate it in the third-party applications, even if these are not mentioned in the list, with the option ” activate all ”.

In addition, proximity sharing now allows you to share your data with any Android phone.

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Always more personalization

The personalization menu is completely redesigned and incredibly comprehensive. Specializing in the ColorOS overlay, this menu includes many modification possibilities including icon shapes, colors, live wallpapers, etc. The wallpaper gallery offers full one-click customization with advanced and intuitive options. You can also customize the shape of the icons and not only make rounded corners, but also change the foreground and background of third-party applications.

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