Clear Spotlight search history on an iPhone

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Spotlight keeps track of all searches made from an iPhone. Although very practical, this history can be seen by a relative or a friend using your phone without your knowledge. If you want to protect your privacy, it is essential to regularly clean your Spotlight search history. We explain how it works.

Request history in Spotlight

Doing research from your iPhone but want these queries to remain secret? You should know that the Apple smartphone records a lot of sensitive information including the history of pages visited, web requests and downloaded applications.

Some of these things could hurt you if they fell into the wrong hands. Take a test by clicking on the Spotlight search bar on your iPhone. You will see the list of searches made in the past appear.

In general, having the history of your requests can be very useful. This makes it very easy to find a reminder or event from your calendar. This feature will also give you one-click access to the latest articles viewed on the web.

But this history does not present only advantages, especially if you are in the habit of lending your phone to your children or to your spouse. You would probably like some of its data to remain private. Below are some tips for clean your iPhone including caches and unnecessary applications.

How to Clear Spotlight Search History

If you are there, it is because you do not want those around you to be able to access the latest requests entered in recent weeks or even in recent months. By following the procedure described below you will be able to clear the search history of the Spotlight function on an iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the settings of your Apple phone or tablet
  • Click on the general section
  • Then select the Spotlight search box
  • Click the Siri Suggestions switch to turn it off
  • If you have a very recent device, you will need to click on the Siri and search section on the settings home page
  • Turn off Siri’s suggestion option when searching
  • You can also take the opportunity to clear Siri and dictation history

It’s over. Spotlight history is now cleared. If you want this feature to continue to keep track of your searches, all you need to do is turn Siri Suggestions back on from your device’s settings window.

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