Clash Royale 3.5.0 for Android (APK) – free download

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The royal shock is a freemium-type online game where you combine the skill of collecting cards and tower defense strategies. The game is based on the popular Clash of Clans, that is, sharing similar characters for the battle. The objective of the game is to defeat your enemies with war skills.

Developer Supercell released the game in the version for the Android and iOS operating system. It has in the main market places an average rating of 4.5 / 5 stars. It has an online gaming system that allows you to have wars against your friends or play with them on the same team, all according to your preference.


He proclaims himself a completely free app that you can download from different platforms. The main goal of the game is to be able to get cards and with them fight your enemies. Currently There are over 90 cards you can make, although many are of the same character, but with different degrees of benefit. The combat system that follows is, in turn, the intention is to destroy the towers and the throne of the opposing king.

An important aspect is that the battles They are in real time and you can play against anyone all over the world. As you win battles, wrest their trophies and crowns from your rivals, these items will help you unlock achievements. The most common way to get cards and powers is through chests. You will unlock these chests as you progress through the game and win battles.

A wonderful bonus is that he mixes the best of the Clash of Clans, so that you can obtain the main characteristics of the characters of this saga, with the new spells and protections of Clash Royale. It has a Top or Ranking in which you will climb positions until you are also the best battles take place in various arenas or arenas. Although the combat simulation is very simple, it is still entertaining and addicting.

In this application you can create your own clan or team, this way you will be competing with other groups. In this mode, you can share cards with the same members of your clan, as well as spells and strategies.

Whether in a team or in private games, they usually last 3 minutes each duel, although if at the end of the 3 minutes a tie is reached, it will be sudden death. This makes it a game that gives you the ability to play a game anywhere.


The possibility of playing against other people in Online multiplayer games.

Combine the best of Clash of Clans with the dynamics of Clash Royale strategy game.

their games are short-lived.

It’s totally free.

Possibility to form a personal Clan with your friends.

It has a version for Android and iOS systems.

Real-time battles.

He has a televised battle to learn strategies.


Although free, in order to advance quickly and unlock certain items, you need to buy game pieces.

Use a lot of device battery.

You must have a high-end device.

Royal television

Since its last update it is possible enter TV Royale, in which you will have a drop-down menu that will show you the best battles in different arenas. There are many who want to appear here, but you cannot fill out an application or submit a video with your battles. It’s just about being the best in the game.

Clash Royale analyzes and studies each of the games in quest spectacular ones to record and publish via Tv Royale. In this way, you can gain popularity and your clan will become more desirable to other players.


Clash Royale exists for Android and iOS devicesHow to download both formats will be detailed below.

Android (.APK)

You can download the .apk file of this app safely and quickly by hitting the next button.

.Apk files are the extension used by Android operating systems, they allow you to download the file to a PC and then transfer it to any device with a USB cable or you can do it right from your browser mobile.


Clash Royale is an official and verified app that you can get on various marketplaces. In Google Play, you can download it for freeYou just need to go to the app store and place Clash Royale in the search engine. You can also go to the Games section and get it at the top.


To get this app on your iOS device just go to the apple store and place Clash Royale in its installer. If necessary, you need to sign in with your iCloud data or, you can directly access the download from the following link.

Clash Royale is extremely easy to install, the process will depend on your mobile’s operating system.


To download and install the Clash Royale .apk file on your device, you must allow unknown origins. To do this you need to go to Settings> Security and there you activate this option. Then you go to the download folder or where you have the downloaded file, select it and follow the simple steps given by your mobile phone installer.


For devices with this operating system, just go to the App Store and download the file, the installation process will be automatic this way.

Updating this application is very easy, usually Notifications will be sent to your mobile when an update is available. Google Play and Apps Stores automatically update to the latest version. However, if you don’t have any of these app stores, you just need to download the latest version of the .apk file and reinstall the game.

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