Choosing your connected bracelet: 4 important points to take into account

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Connected bracelets are this new revolution increasingly widespread on the market. They are designed in different models. Shape, size, connectivity and functionality are things that set them apart from each other. These are also essential points to take into consideration when choosing your connected bracelet. More details in the soot!

The shape and size of the bracelet are two points to take into account when choosing your connected bracelet. Any activity bracelet is available in 3 forms, namely:

  • The watch ;
  • The bracelet ;
  • The box to be fixed.

There are some models of connected bracelets with more design. Others are rather minimalist, simpler and more discreet. If necessary, you can see the best connected bracelets on this site. It should be noted that an activity tracker may or may not be equipped with an LED or touch screen. Regarding the size of the bracelet, the latter guarantees the comfort of the user. You will find bracelets of different sizes on the market. The choice will therefore be made according to the user’s template.

The connected bracelet is equipped with many functions. To deduce which one will suit you best, you will have to take into account the goal you want to achieve. In this case, the activity tracker, equipped with a pedometer function, measures the number of steps taken by the user during a climb of stairs, a walk, a run, etc. If it has a distance traveled function, the accelerometer will help you calculate the distance traveled.

On the market, you will also find connected bracelet models equipped with:

  • A function of calories burned;
  • A heart rate monitor;
  • An option of monitoring and objectivity;
  • A social setting, etc.

All these elements will make it possible to analyze the user’s activity, health, sleep, etc.

Bracelet autonomy

The autonomy of the bracelet is a key point to consider when choosing your material. There are connected bracelets that can last 2 days after recharging, for a year. Others, on the other hand, have an autonomy of 3 days. Regarding the energy consumed by this accessory, it must be said that it depends on many elements, including:

  • The type of display;
  • The Bluetooth system;
  • Integrated components.

If you want to always wear your connected bracelet, you should choose one with a fairly high battery life.

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Connectivity remains a non-negligible point for one main reason which is data transfer. To do this, you need to choose a bracelet that is compatible with the smartphone. The majority of connected bracelets perform this transfer via a wireless system, a jack or a USB key.

Many bracelets models are compatible with devices equipped with an iOS system. This is also the case for Windows, Mac or Android. The user can therefore easily capture all the data relating to his movements for the day. He can read them on a smartphone.

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