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When activating tethering, your iPhone’s name appears in the list of available Wi-Fi networks of all devices around you. This can be disturbing, especially when you are in an area with a lot of people. Note that it is possible to change the name of your iPhone’s Wi-Fi access point at any time. How to do? We explain everything a little below.

Share your iPhone connection with another Wi-Fi device

Like many smartphone owners, you share your iPhone’s 5G (or 4G) connection to surf from another device (computer or tablet). This device is particularly useful in an area without a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on the connection sharing section
  • Click on the switch to activate connection sharing
  • Then on your other device, choose the name of your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection
  • Click on it
  • Enter password

And there you have it, you now have a wireless internet connection. Note that on Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account, you will not need to enter the password. The MacBook or iPad will recognize your iPhone’s personal hotspot at a glance.

Remember that your computer or tablet is using mobile data from your phone. If you have a small package with a small amount of data, you should avoid downloading large files and streaming movies.

When you have finished using your phone connection, you will have to remember to disconnect and deactivate connection sharing. This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises on your bill, especially when data consumed beyond the volume included in the package is billed. Here you will find some tips for reduce your data consumption.

Change the name of your iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot

When you turn on tethering on your iPhone, it turns into a pocket Wi-Fi router. Other users around you can therefore see the name of your phone’s hotspot from their Wi-Fi settings.

However, as you probably know, Apple uses the name of your phone (Jessica’s iPhone) as the default name for the Wi-Fi hotspot. However, you are certainly not aware that it is possible to rename the personal hotspot of the phone. ‘iPhone. We explain how to do it.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on General then on the Information option
  • Then select the Name item at the top of the window
  • Give your device a new name
  • Close your phone settings

By changing the name of your iPhone, you also have to change the name of your WIFI connection. Now other users will see the name you just changed in the wireless settings of their devices.

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