Change the appearance of the Google search bar on Android

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The Google search bar placed on the home screen of Android smartphones does not only have followers. Many criticize it for reducing the really usable poster area and even for making their phone’s home page ugly. Here are some tips to customize the interface of the Google widget and thus harmonize it with the wallpaper you have chosen.

Give a new look to the Google search widget

Needless to present the Google search bar? And for good reason, it sits right in the middle of the home screen of the vast majority of Android smartphones. Moreover, this bar can in many cases be particularly useful.

You can use it for example to find a restaurant near where you are or to consult the schedules of the next cinema sessions. For people who want the most simple home screen possible, there are various tips to delete google search bar on android.

Please note, these methods do not work with all smartphone models. On some devices the search bar cannot be removed from the home screen. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is in your best interest to customize the interface of Google’s search bar to make it more discreet.

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