Change language on the Facebook app

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The display language of the Facebook application is automatically set to the one defined by default on your Android smartphone. But sometimes the display language changes on its own during an update. If you prefer to find the Facebook interface in French or use the application in another language (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) the following may interest you.

Change the language settings of the Facebook application

Are you wondering if it is possible to enjoy Facebook in a language other than the one offered by default when installing the application? Do you want to improve your English in a fun and accessible way? Good thing we are going to show you one of the methods to change the language settings on Facebook.

With the disappearance of borders, more and more recruiters are looking for candidates with a solid foundation in English and knowing how to master most digital tools (including social networks) in the language of Shakespeare.

Likewise, it sometimes happens that the display language of the Facebook app changes on its own following a bug or a faulty update. Not easy to navigate in the application menu as it is displayed in Japanese (for example).

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