Change iPhone default browser

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Apple has just released a new version of the iPhone’s mobile operating system (iOS). Among the many improvements made, there is a functionality to use a browser other than Safari. Now let’s see how to change the web browser installed by default on iPhone and iPad.

Which browser to use on the iPhone?

Safari is still one of the fastest web browsers on the market today. However, despite its undeniable qualities, it is far from perfect. Safari cannot compete with Google Chrome in many areas.

This is the case for example of the online web page translation. Apple’s web browser does not offer a translation tool. Another problem, Safari remains confined to the Apple ecosystem. The Windows version was shelved a few years ago.

Even if Safari offers after all what one would expect from such software, the competition sometimes does better. You may have already tried to install an alternative browser. But be careful, Safari is an irremovable iPhone application just like the clock, photos, health, camera, phone and messages app.

With the launch of iOS 14, Apple is making a 180-degree shift. The Cupertino company now offers the possibility to change the default web browser. Concretely, this means that by clicking on a web link in an email, the web page will automatically display in the browser of your choice.

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