Cancel your Amazon Prime subscription in just 3 steps

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There are many advantages to subscribing to theAmazon Prime, such as free delivery in one working day and without minimum purchases, access to many films and series … As a result, thousands of new customers subscribe to Amazon Prime, especially when the promotional days come. , such as Black friday, the Cyber ​​Monday or the Prime Day.

If, despite all these benefits, you want to close your Amazon Prime account, then follow this tutorial in which we explain how to terminate your Prime account.

Cancel an Amazon Prime subscription

Have you used Amazon Prime for at least 29 days and you are not satisfied with it? Maybe you just wanted to take advantage of the free tier?

Whatever your reason, here are the 3 steps to unsubscribe and stop your subscription.

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. In the Accounts and lists drop-down menu, click Your Amazon Account Premium.
  3. Follow: Manage your subscriptionUpdate, cancel and more, then select End subscription and benefits.

If you have already paid a Prime monthly payment, without having taken advantage of its benefits, be aware that you can get a refund (explained below in this article).

If you want to prevent the automatic conversion of the trial period into a paid one, then follow the path described above and, at the last step, click on End trial and benefits. You will still be able to enjoy Prime until the last day of the Free Tier.

Check if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber

Many Amazon members had the unfortunate surprise to find out that they were also subscribed to Amazon Prime.

To find out if this is your case, then our first advice is to examine your bank statements, you will then see if Amazon has charged you the 49 € (annual fee) for a Prime membership.

Our second tip is to go to your Amazon account and check if you are signed up for Amazon Prime.

To do this, go to your account, click on Your account Premium, in the new page that appears, you should see listed: You are not an Amazon Prime member.

Note that when you sign up for Amazon Prime, your annual subscription renewal is systematic. You can deactivate it at any time, even during the free trial period.

Get a refund for your Amazon Prime subscription

Paid members who have not placed an order with Amazon Prime benefits are eligible for a full refund. The latter will be partial, if you have used a Prime benefit linked to the delivery.

However, if one of the Prime services has been used then you are not eligible for any refund.

You can also claim a refund by visiting this page, and by making your request by phone, email or online chat.

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