Can you play animal crossing on a Nintendo Switch Lite?

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Yes, this is how to download the game and start playing with friends

What there is to know

  • Go to eShop> select one profile > Find / Browse > type Animal Crossing > okay > select Animal Crossing > Proceed at the purchase .
  • Switch Lite can also play the physical version. Animal Crossing in Switch Lite allows you to play multiplayer locally and online.

This article explains how to get and play Animal Crossing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch Lite

While there are a handful of switch games that don’t work with Switch Lite, Animal Crossing isn’t on this list. As Animal Crossing is designed to be played in handheld mode, with no special requirements for spring or joy-cons, it works the same on a Switch Lite as it did on the original Switch. If you already have an Animal Crossing Game Card, you can use it with your Switch Lite.

Don’t have Animal Crossing yet? no problem. You can purchase a physical copy from your favorite retailer or get it directly from Nintendo eShop on your Switch Lite. If you have a high speed internet connection, you could land on your island paradise within minutes of purchase.

Here’s how to get Animal Crossing on your Switch Lite:

  1. Open the Nintendo eShop from the Home screen. Not on the home screen? Press on the button docking station under the right thumb lever.
  2. Select a profile.
  3. Select Search / Browse.
  4. Type Animal Crossing with the on-screen keyboard and select Ok or press the + button
  5. Select Animal Crossing: New Horizons at from the search results.
  6. Select Continue at buy.
  7. Select Credit card, Nintendo eShop Card or PayPal to choose your payment method.
  8. Select the amount required only . Selecting any other amount will add the balance to your eShop wallet for future use.
  9. Select Use this card of credit . If you don’t have a stored card, you’ll need to enter your credit card information.
  10. Select Add funds and buy.
  11. You have successfully purchased Animal Crossing and it will start to download to your Switch Lite.

Need a Nintendo Online membership for Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing does not need a Nintendo Online membership to play for yourself or to play with friends in the same room, but you cannot play with friends on the Internet without a subscription. If you have a Nintendo Online membership, you can use Dodo Airlines to visit your friends’ islands online and invite your friends to your island.

Once you have Animal Crossing on your Switch Lite, you can play with friends by playing on their switches and activate Lites. If you’re in the same room with a friend or family member playing Animal Crossing on their Switch, you can use the local multiplayer option. Otherwise, you can connect your Switch Lite to the internet and play online.

When you first start playing Animal Crossing, online play is not immediately available. Just play the game, and multiplayer will be available on the second day of the game when Dodo Airlines starts trading.

Here’s how to play Animal Crossing with your friends in Switch Lite:

  1. Launch Animal Crossing on your Switch Lite.
  2. Check your minimap in the lower right corner to locate Dodo Airlines. A locator marks your position and the airplane icon indicates Dodo Airlines.
  3. Go to Dodo Airlines.
  4. Come to Orville, the Sleep behind the counter.
  5. Talk to Orville, and select I want visitors.
  6. Select through the Game online to play with friends on the internet or at through the local game if your friends are in the same room and have copies of the game on their Nintendo Switch consoles.
  7. Select Roger.
  8. Select an option:
    • All my friends: Let all your Nintendo Online friends get together.
    • Only my best friends :Just allow the friends you marked as best friends in Animal Crossing.
    • Invite via Dodo Coded : Yougives a unique code to share with your friends.
  9. If you are inviting yourself via Dodo Code, select an option:
    • Only my friends: Allow all your Nintendo Online friends to get together if they have the code.
    • Only my best friends : Allows your best friends to join if they have the code.
    • The best: Anyone can join, even if you don’t know them, but only if you give them the code. If you chose to open your island to all of your friends or best friends in the previous step, go to step 11.
  10. If you invite via Dodo Code, Orville will give you the code. Write it down and share it with the people you want to invite. A unique Dodo code generates each time, so be sure to give your friends the current code and not an old one. When you close your island, the current Dodo code expires and no longer works.
  11. Your island is now open to visitors. If your friends open Animal Crossing and visit Dodo Airlines on their island, they can come to you. As long as the Dodo Airlines boarding gate is open on your island, people can visit it.
  12. When you’re done, talk to Orville and select Shut Down door.

If you prefer to visit your friends’ islands, you can do that too. Friends who have been playing for a long time may have fun things to show off or may even be able to share valuables with you.

Here’s how to visit Friend’s Island on Animal Crossing from your Switch Lite:

  1. Go to Dodo Airlines on your island, talk to Orville, and select I want steal!
  2. Select I want to visit someone.
  3. Select through the Game local if your friend is in the same room with their Switch or at through the Game in online to play with friends on the Internet. If you select by the bias of games in line, make sure your Switch Lite is connected to the internet.
  4. Select find a friend if you want to check if friends with open islands, or the research via Dodo Code if your friend gave you a code.
  5. Orville will seek friends with open islands. Select the friend you are joining and you will be on your way.

If Orville doesn’t see your friend, make sure they’re online and their island is open, and try again.

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