Camera: 5 Godox brand accessories

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For its proper functioning, a camera or a camera needs certain accessories. These must be chosen with care to ensure good performance in terms of image and sound quality. Anxious to help users of these devices in the production of good quality videos and images, the Godox brand provides them with various types of accessories. These are equipments as efficient as each other. In this article, discover five Godox branded accessories that you can use to optimize the performance of your camera or camera.

Godox brand: the quality of photo and video accessories

Godox is a Chinese brand that is very successful among audiovisual and photography professionals. It is a brand created in 1993 whose head office and manufacturing center are located in China, in the locality of Shenzhen.

A full line of photo and video accessories at competitive prices

Godox’s mission is to provide high quality products at very competitive prices. It offers many compact and professional equipment for lighting and flash. Each of its products has a specific design and unprecedented performance.

For this brand, brightness plays an important role in the quality of the image. Thus, the models of the Godox articles used for this purpose are relatively powerful. Their carefully selected features optimize their use as a complementary light source during photoshoots and filming.

They are also easy to install and use. We can keep them in hand, fix them on a tripod or on a device. They work with batteries or a battery, which makes them completely autonomous. However, it should be noted that the duration of this autonomy varies according to the type of use.

Electronics Godox brand can also be connected using wifi or Bluetooth, depending on the photo or video accessory selected. The use of these accessories allows to have high quality images.

However, these devices are sensitive to water and humidity, like any digital device. The shocks can also be fatal to them. They should also be kept away from devices that produce magnetic waves, otherwise their performance will be affected.

Quality products exported all over the world

Godox brand products are exported to Europe, Australia, South and North America, East and Southeast Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. Many companies all over the world also work with this brand which has 4 manufacturing facilities covering 30,000 square meters.

In order to guarantee the quality of its equipment, Godox involves more than fifteen engineers with a powerful engineering capacity. The photo and video props supplied by the company undergo various and regular checks from the choice of materials to complete manufacture:

  • control of production materials (PMC),
  • ongoing quality control (IPQC),
  • quality control of finished products.

The brand also creates custom products in the event that customer expectations are not met by standard products.

camera tripod accessories

Spotlight on 5 camera and camera accessories designed by the Godox brand

Find here five Godox branded accessories that you can add to your camera or camera for great results.

The Godox Flash

The flash generates artificial light, the power of which varies according to its manufacturing characteristics. Its role is to diversify the lighting of the filmed subject. It allows to take pictures and videos during times of the day when there is no longer enough daylight. It is also used to reflect light on a white wall or ceiling in order to redirect it towards the subject.

In photography, the flash makes it possible to decompose a movement or an action by recording the subject many times in the same image. Thanks to the flash, the number of flashes and the release time can be set. Godox flashes are compatible with Sony and Canon devices, among others.

To use the external flash, you need to put the camera flash on manual mode first. It is also necessary to put the power of the lightning as low as possible. Then, on your external flash, press the key that manages the flash pre-flashes (the Advance Cancel Circuit button). Hold the position by turning the button to the right or left. After that, turn the mode knob to put it in “manual” mode. Finally, adjust the flash output with the right rotary knob. Your flash is now ready to be used.

The Godox adapter

The adapter allows you to use its accessories mounted on the flash. With it, you can take full advantage of your mount lenses while you take photos or film. He improves image quality.

Godox adapters are solidly constructed and are durable. These are adapters that meet compatibility standards. These accessories are the result of advanced technology and protect and improve the performance of electronic equipment. They have an elegant and modern design.

In order to use your adapter properly, you must follow these few rules. You must avoid over-tightening it so as not to jam it. It is also necessary to aim the ring on the goal, before installing the filter above the thread.

The receiver

The receiver provides a very reliable wireless flash. The models produced by the Godox brand have particular characteristics. Some consist of a transmitter and a receiver. With a range of 100 meters, they are compatible with various models such as the Canon E-TT / E-TTL II.

With their backlit LCD display and 2.4 GHz frequency, they contribute to exposure compensation and its locking. Users can also easily install their flash on the upper shoe of this type of accessory. They can also connect a studio strobe using a PC sync connection present on the receiver or on the transmitter.

Depending on the model, the receiver can be combined with a trigger. This produces a camera flash that supports automatic flash for remote control. The flash can then be triggered wirelessly, but simply with the camera’s accessory shoe.

photo video prop

The parabolic

The parabolic is a light box that allows you to take pictures that are almost as perfect as those on magazine covers. At Godox, these accessories can come in various shapes, sizes and designs. You find dishes such as the model 4335032825 or the P120L. With a weight of 1.79 kg, it works with a temperature below 60 ° C. Its rods are made with fiberglass.

It is recommended to use LED bulbs to operate a parabolic. These bulbs should provide balanced light, as well as a full spectrum. You can use at least 3 bulbs and place one on your softbox to create more shadows, to give a 3D look to your image.

The use of the parabolic is done in the field. Start by opening your box then insert the rods symmetrically into the adapter ring. Then install the reflective liner by gluing it to a ring before gluing it to the dish. After this, mount the interior diffuser by opening it and then mounting it on the internal keys of the dish, one after the other. Once done, mount your outdoor diffuser. Open it and then stick it evenly to the edge of the box. Finish your installation by installing the dish on your lighting stand. Before that, take the trouble to insert your flash in your light box.

The projector

The projector is a lighting equipment with an optical system used to focus the light on a specific space. This device is used in particular for the production of light on television sets during interviews and reports, or on stage during a show and during a film shoot.

Godox projectors stand out from the crowd in many ways. They produce balanced daylight. The power of the light beam can be set from 0 to 100% on certain models. The flash can be easily installed because the control box and torch body are separate from each other. A remote control accompanies everything to allow you to control the lights available in 6 groups and 16 channels. For their power supply, Godox projectors use a mains adapter or batteries. Quiet fan allows heat to be efficiently released to prevent overheating.

To install your projector, you must first obtain the mounting hardware. If your equipment must be used in a place open to the public, consider doubling your binding by adding safety slings and hooks. They will allow you to protect yourself against falling material. Once these measurements are taken, mount your frame at breast height. Then attach the lights and elevate it all using a breeding stand.

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