CAD and CAM: the importance of having the right solution!

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Industries are now undergoing profound technological transformations. They are then qualified as industries 4.0. To remain competitive, manufacturers use high-performance CAD and CAM software. Moreover, certain resources allow the joint use of these two technologies in order to optimize production. Discover the advantages of using the right CAD and CAM solution here!

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Optimization of the compatibility of CAD and CAM software

CAD (Computer Aided Design) software promotes the design of parts prototypes showing all the details, even the smallest. As for CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing), they are used in addition to CAD software to produce the path of the manufactured parts.

Using the single CAD / CAM solution offers several advantages. It makes it possible to create an ergonomic workspace facilitating an optimization of the compatibility of these two computer tools. TopSolid provides you with the best CAD and CAM software. Indeed, software operating with these concepts are not always compatible.

Their integration takes into account all the machining constraints from the first manufacturing phase to the last. In addition, as soon as changes are made to the part design, an automatic path update is performed. However, the use of this new solution has many other advantages.

Centralization and backup of manufacturing data in a single system

By opting for a single CAD / CAM solution, the company has a single storage space. Here, the major advantage is the limitation of the risk of information and data leaks. Indeed, the centralization of information within a single unit increases the chances of its durability and protection. Moreover, it limits human interventions which can be compromising.

Thus, it makes it possible to reduce errors during the exchange of certain data within the company. Manual data entry is the source of several errors that lead to damaging consequences in manufacturing. Protecting manufacturing process information increases competitive advantage and maintains it over the long term. For good reason, competitors do not have access to your manufacturing methods.

Save time during machining

The integration of the unique CAD / CAM solution makes the design methods more automatic. This automation saves colossal time. This is one of the major advantages of this solution. When a data is entered in the centralized software, it is automatically recorded. This can then be used by all the other members of the company.

The use of this unique software overcomes the problem of repetitive entry of new data. Another aspect of this time-saving tool: information sharing. The unique CAD / CAM solution is a real opportunity for industries.

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Reducing spending on software licenses

The integrated solution of CAD and CAM software offers considerable economic benefits. Contrary to the ideas conveyed, the costs associated with investing in software licenses for the CAD / CAM solution are less expensive than those invested separately in CAD and CAM software. Indeed, you will be able to obtain these licenses from a single supplier.

In addition, the latter takes care of the commissioning of licenses. All of this allows you to save money on your research and development investments. Set up the unique CAD / CAM solution for better results in your business.

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