Black Friday: 10 MADNESS deals to grab this Monday

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Black Friday is looming… and with it, tempting offers! From offers available now, but why? Indeed, some merchants have already positioned themselves on promotions before the official date of Black Friday, a golden opportunity to do good business before Christmas. For that, we have unearthed you the best offers of the moment, from the Airpod, to the Iphone 11, from the Bose headphones to the electric toothbrush but also the Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner … there is something for everyone and all budgets. We have referenced a selection of crazy products, check out our incredible Monday list below:

Black Friday 2020: the TOP LIVE offers

Computers and tablets:

Smartphones & packages:



Black Friday is looming… and with it, tempting offers!

“Black Friday”, the name given to this large-scale commercial event due to the influx of crowds in the stores, will take place again this year. Traditionally organized on the Friday following Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, France has once again aligned itself with the American giant.

It is therefore indeed the Friday November 27 what will be the day with maddening offers! The week preceding this Friday will also be subject to many flash sales at mini prices. However, it’s important to note that a lot of commercial businesses run ads well in advance of the event, as a taste of what Black Friday will be like at home. Thus, it is already possible to find some offers on the Internet.

Black Friday confirmed, Amazon and the others are preparing …

This global event attracts a particularly large number of consumers each year to online sales platforms. As a result, it is a key day for many of them: it is estimated that almost 30% of their annual turnover, the percentage of sales made during this crazy weekend. Thus, Black Friday is, for Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten and many others, a day to prepare a long time before. This is why as you walk on these platforms you will already meet some flash sales, to give you a little glimpse of what Black Friday will be like in reality. Alluring discounts, half-price offers, free product… By venturing onto the Black Friday page on Amazon, you will oppose an incredible number of simply incredible sales.

It is on Amazon that the promos started. Already offering thousands of products at a reduced price, ranging from e-books to cooking machines, including toys, high tech objects and accessories… The choice is vast, and particularly tempting. We will thus highlight the great diversity of these products at low prices, some at half their original price! The 2020 edition of Black Friday at Amazon is already shaping up to be particularly fruitful and rich in offers for all fans of the platform. Cdiscount has also followed suit, however with much more reserve. No really delusional offers yet, but we are convinced that it will not be long. There are already some products at reduced prices, and the French site announces from the outset the establishment of two completely crazy services: Black Friday Voyages and Black Friday Energy, two categories to which it will be advisable to pay great attention. Rakuten has also launched hostilities! Offering a wide range of electronic and high-tech products at greatly reduced prices, the French platform, bought by a Japanese company, is already offering big discounts. Finally, other platforms, like Boulanger, Fnac and Darty are now announcing that they are considering huge offers for this edition, which has been shaken up by the health situation. So many platforms that should be updated throughout the day of the 27th so as not to miss any offers!

Amazon ready to absorb the rush

Like every year, it is sure that the American site will be the major venue for Black Friday. It is likely to attract several hundred thousand users and consumers throughout the day. As a result, Amazon is always preparing to be able to welcome everyone wishing to buy from them. And it’s better this way! Because Black Friday is varied and particularly vast: it concerns both toys (ideal, for a period so close to Christmas), high-tech products (computers, smartphones, connected speakers, etc.), culture (music and book), as other miscellaneous products. If throughout the year Amazon already welcomes these products to its multitude of shelves, the rush may be particularly dense for this last weekend of November. Consumers take advantage of Black Friday every year to be able to shop for the holiday season; despite the health situation, we can already bet that it will be the same scenario again this year. And Amazon has it all covered! Agreements between distributors, producers and resellers have been concluded so as not to delay deliveries too much. Therefore, rest easy and take full advantage of this 2020 edition of the craziest event of the year.

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