Bing becomes Microsoft Bing and changes its logo

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Microsoft Bing: For Microsoft, the year 2020 was also a year to clean, revamp and improve its services and also a year to fix bugs and problems with its operating system Windows 10 caused by its updates almost every month.

For example, we noticed a change in the interface and an improvement in its tool for webmasters, Bing Webmaster, to help webmasters and website owners improve their natural referencing and their ranking and positioning in the search results of the famous Microsoft search engine.

And not to mention the improvements and fixes and updates to its Windows 10 operating system, we’ll talk more about its search engine now.

For several years, the firm has been looking for a solution to catch up in its great race against the web search giant, the Google search engine. And this by trying to improve the algorithm of Bing Search, to add new features and services, to integrate it natively into its Windows 10 operating system, in short, many measures and changes to attract Internet users.

Today the change concerns its branding, the identity and the image of its search engine because Microsoft has decided to give it a new name, and instead of Bing itself, the search engine becomes Microsoft Bing. In addition, the logo has also been revamped and we go from a logo with a first capital letter and a green color, or also from an old style and obsolete logo with the 4 Windows squares to a blue logo with shapes curves with a more rounded style with gradient effects in blue.

This new aesthetic displays well across all Windows services and devices.

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