Beware of “scary messages” circulating on WhatsApp

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For a while now, a strange phenomenon has been recurring on WhatsApp. Some users have received unreadable messages on their instant messaging WhatsApp. The message appears as a string of characters or a virtual card. In all cases, its opening causes a blocking at application level. Any attempt to close the app or restart the device will fail.

This article will explain in detail how do you proceed if you come across this kind of “scary message”. Just follow the reading!

If you have received such a message, do not try to find out its sender because it is probably a anonymous. Some have fun finding the flaws in applications to thwart their operation and cause trouble to others. However, what you need to know is that you must not forward this message to your contacts as it may cause deletion of data history on WhatsApp.

The solution to prevent the annoyance that “scary messages” can cause is toavoid receiving messages from strangers.

WhatsApp allows you toprohibit strangers from adding you to Groups. Simply press the settings, then select Confidentiality and finally choose My contacts.

You can even customize the list of people who can add you to groups by excluding a few contacts.

Even if the previous solution is not radical because your friends can always play a trick on you by sending you one of these “Scary messages”, she can still prohibit unknown people from bothering you.

In case you have already been a victim of this phenomenon and it is too late to sort through your WhatsApp contacts, the only definitive solution will be to uninstall the application and reinstall it. In this case, remember first of all to back up your files and your important discussions.

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    Whatsapp messenger

    WhatsApp is one of the communication applications most used in the world. It allows users tosend and receive text messages as well as all kinds of media file like the videos, pictures or some voice messages. You can use it via Wireless or by being connected to your cellular network.

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