Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

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In this containment framework due to the second wave of the pandemic, the teleworkers will need to keep in touch with their businesses. To do this, employees use videoconferencing applications. Although video conferencing tools have been around for many years, their use has never been more important, given the current circumstances which demand the distancing.

This technology, also intended for anyone wishing to have a audio-visual contact with another person or a group of people, at a distance, therefore constitutes the adequate solution for safe communication. The audio-visual call can be between family members, the friends, the members of a company or / and public and private institution. In this article, we have selected for you a list of best free video conferencing apps.

  1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    A free application designed for professional audio-visual calls. As indicated by his name, ZOOM Cloud Meetings ensures meetings and conferences between members of a company. The video calls can be up to 100 participants.

  2. Hangouts


    Hangouts is a free software designed by Google for the purpose of providing videoconferencing. The app supports up to 10 participants, which can communicate with each other in all security. The tool also allows sending messages and photos and suspend notifications if needed.

  3. Skype


    The application Skype is one of the first tools of audiovisual communication that we used. Skype allows make audio and video calls and send instant messages free. You can connect securely using Wi-Fi or with a connection 4G.

  4. Google meet

    Google meet

    Google meet is the recent version of Hangout Meet with many benefits that have been updated. Meetings on Google Meet can include up to 250 participants against 25 on the classic version. The tool also offers the possibility of organizing videoconferences using theGoogle calendar.

    Video calls are high quality and the app is compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome browsers, Safari, Internet Explorer (with plugins), Google Meet hardware, Chromebox and Chromebase devices.



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