Best & Best Video Chat Apps For Windows / iOS / Android 2020

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If you are looking for video chat apps that will help you make video calls, read on to get the best and best video chat apps for Windows / iOS / Android. Read How to Get All Snapchat Trophies for Free on this site. Hello Glad to see everything through this new topic and I consider the topic to be a way to contact you and I will explain in a simple way that a normal person with minimal knowledge can solve the problem with the help of this article.

Warm wishes to all blog seekers. Hope everyone is doing good. Are you here for today’s topic? OK so can you guess what the topic is or can you even guess the related topic. Ha-ha sorry to confuse you. It was a little act just to make fun of it. Yeah come on, let’s get to the topic of the day and let me clear up your confusion. As the topic is about Best and Best Video Chat Apps for Windows / iOS / Android 2020 and still running this year.

What do we mean by video chat applications?

The Internet revolution had started 2 decades ago, so far, innovations have improved every now and then. And now we can access the internet on mobiles, tablets, laptops, fables, etc. with different configurations to meet needs and bring the world closer together.

The video chat revolution started ten years ago. With the fast and rapidly growing internet access without any hassle, this can be done with one touch. Let’s read more to know about the best and best video chat apps for Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Video chat apps

We can get in touch with our well-being with just one click. how amazing… So, to meet the needs of the innovative world, there are many video chat applications on the internet. Here I have listed some of the very effective video calling apps.

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We all know how Mr. Mark changed the world in one app. We can check our news feed, chat with friends, with the development of FACEBOOK, the whole world has become a little bowl, where we can easily commute with each other.

It also had an app named FACEBOOK MESSENGER, through this app we can also make video calls, which is good appreciation for Facebook. With Facebook Messenger, it is very easy for you to get in touch with all of our Facebook friends for video chat. Facebook is one of the best on my list of video chat apps. Teleprompter apps also help you video chat with your friends and family.


It is one of the most loved and used apps in the world after Facebook, the app itself says it is a messaging app. At first, apps were only allowed to send SMS. Later update lots of features like stories, stickers, video calls, payments, gif, etc.

The video call in the app is so convenient that while sending SMS, we can create videos. There is a group video call access to this up to 4 people. Tinder ++ and WhatsApp Watusi are also available here.


I remember using Skype a year or 2 years ago. but despite everything, it has its place in the competition because it is the inspiration for many current calling applications. The main thing I liked about skype was that it didn’t dab on a call or call.

Still, it’s one of the best apps found in the store and loved by millions of users.


google duo is one of the newest video calling apps found on the internet. it has its own style because it is the product of tech giant Google. Right now, many upcoming devices are getting a preinstalled google duo app. It also doesn’t create any lag conditions when calling next to Skype.

We can easily call our contacts with this app as it is preinstalled.

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Viber is a widely used app next to Skype, it has text messaging, calling, video calling and video messaging function, Viber app is supported on PC and mobile. so indeed it is easy to use. It is known that in 2016, RAKUTEN., The leader of Japanese technology bought Viber for 900 million dollars. Inspired by fierce competition from Facebook and WhatsApp, it has 350 million downloads and nearly 100 million active users.


  1. It has both PC and mobile apps, video messaging, SMS and the download is free, it works on Windows / iOS / Android
  2. DRAWBACK: To get in touch, the other person must also have the same app


FaceTime is a video calling application developed by Apple purchased the Face Time app from Facetime Communications in 2010. This app is shoplifted only on iOS devices and Mac devices with a front camera. Face time was set up from iPhone 4 series and iPad 2 series which have rear and front cameras, then later devices get face time app preinstalled in mobile devices and tablets. Face time also has an audio call feature. it has different language options which we can choose in our native language. This was only supported in Apple products from iOS 7 and later on MACOS X 10.6.6 and later updates and upgrades.


  1. Supported only in Apple products
  2. App size
  3. iOS 686.1kb
  4. MACOS 8.8 MB
  5. immune to the virus
  6. Native preference
  7. The group calls up to 32 people from the iOS 12 update …

7. WeChat

WeChat is a versatile Chinese messaging, social media, and payment app developed by TENCENT in 2011. It has over 1 billion monthly active users. It is called a “super app” for its multifunctional activities in China. WeChat is supported on all platforms such as PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles. it works well on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Symbian.

It is the best video calling app for Symbian lovers who still use it and also for Windows lovers.


  1. Supports a maximum of 20 languages
  2. MACOS -2.3.25
  3. iOS 7.0.4
  4. ANDROID 7.0.5WINDOWS 6.0.8
  5. mass communication for official purposes MOMENTS


IMO Messenger is a Chinese application that is in store., Which allows us to make video calls, voice calls and SMS on all social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, google talk, MSN, etc.

It is the only one stop solution for all social media messaging apps.

It is very small in size and easy to use, uses less data and is faster, we can instantly make video calls to friends and family and group calls no matter what device it is taken supported on the platform


  1. Less than 5 MB
  2. Supported in iOS
  3. Can share video and audio messages
  4. Can do group discussions


Hangouts is communication software developed by GOOGLE..It was released in 2016 as part of google +, but later became a standalone app supported on PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets and various platforms like Android, iOS and Web. it is a free app found in the store. but most third party apps don’t have access to Google hangouts. Snapchat ++ IPA is a tweaked version of the Snapchat app which is an alternative to Hangouts.


  1. supports group calls for office purposes without delay.
  2. supported in major platforms such as iOS Android and Google Chrome
  3. less than 4 MB


JUSTALK – FREE video calling app and fun video chat content. with many more new sex stickers and themes and the most popular teen app. this app is listed only in google play store and cloud can also be used in 3g, 4g. But it also has a plus subscription that you have to spend a few dollars to take full advantage of its features. Here in this article also available WhatsApp ++ iOS, a hacked version of original WhatsApp which is an alternative to Justalk.


  1. Supported in iOS 8.0 and later
  2. file size up to 80MB
  3. android 7 and above
  4. size up to 24 MB

These are the top and most used apps for communicating with people from various places at no cost and the only thing is you just need to maintain perfect internet connection. All of them are free apps and available in play stores and app stores as they are in play stores so you don’t have to worry about virus or malware.

Video Chat Apps FAQ for Windows / iOS / Android

1.Can the mobile access the application safely?

Yes, you can access it without having to fear virus and malware.

2. what to do when the application is not working?

You just need to uninstall the app and reinstall the app as mentioned above.

3. Will they charge the amount for all the above apps?

No actually, all apps are free and can be easily accessed

These are the most frequently asked questions by the large number of users and the answers are given by the diverse range of the most experienced people and also with my own experience. The answers are therefore more valid and precise. If there are still questions, feel free to ask by dropping the doubt in your comments box.

Final verdict:

As the applications are available in the game stores, all the services will be good and the services are rendered for free. As all apps need to pass all virus tests and updates daily, so there is no need to worry about the virus. All video chat apps are free and the reason for using them is up to you. So, select your favorite among them and enjoy all the advanced apps.

Thanks geeks, hope all the information is very valuable to you and if not, please send me a comment on your query, i will show you the best solution for this problem. There you go, guys are having a great day of your life.

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