Best & Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2020

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If you want to watch sports online streaming, read more to know the best and best free sports sites 2020 where you can watch sports online for free. Hey, take a look at the free online movie streaming sites that can help you watch movies online for free.

A busy schedule could be a great reason to keep up to date with the latest news as well as sports. If you are a die-hard sportsman, let me tell you, your busy schedule is never going to be a problem for you.

You can still capture the live broadcast of any sport in HD. All thanks to the free sports streaming site. But the internet is full of bogus websites. In this situation, it is a bit difficult to find a website to get the relevant streaming video.

But well done to you. As you are on the right platform. Today in this article, I’m going to introduce you to the 5 best free sports streaming sites. So, without taking too much time on your part, let’s go one step further and take a look at the full review of free sports streaming sites. Here you can also download the best Plex and Leonflix plugins for free.

Free sports streaming

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Top 5 free sports streaming sites

  1. WatchESPN

I don’t need to present this site. ESPN is a very well known name in the sports industry. Many people have even referred to ESPN as a synonym for sports. All popular sports from around the world are broadcast live on this site.

The best part is that it offers Full HD playback on desktop as well as mobile. No doubt you can have the most amazing and enjoyable experience possible by watching your favorite sport on this website. The only downside to this website is that live streaming of this website is only available in the United States. This website is good for people in the United States. But if you come from another region. Then you can just connect with a VPN and easily access this website. Except for this downside, it is one of the best free sports streaming websites.

Steps to download watchESPN:

>> step1) to get watchESPN on your device, you need to download the app first and then install it. You can download the app in the following ways:


Click Install

1.App Store
2.Google Play Store
3.Roku Channel Store
4.Windows Store
5.Amazon app store
6.Xbox or ESPN official website.

>> step2) After downloading, click install.
>> step3) After installation is complete, select your TV provider when prompted.

Selected leagues

Select leagues

>> Step4) Enter your subscription username and password.


Enter login details

  1. Bosscast

Being a new website from the United States, the Bosscast primarily streams some sports such as baseball, basketball, and American football. But let me tell you, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live streaming your favorite sporting events.

The best thing about this website is its simple user interface. In the left panel, you will see the option to browse all sports channels available for live streaming. And also let me tell you that you will also get a preview of the channel you chose in the middle.

The best extra part is the chat box option. This option appears on the right side of the screen. This is intended for user engagement by providing them with the original peer-posted information of the website. In a nutshell, you are sure to have a great experience streaming live sports videos on this website. the link to the Bosscast is given below.


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This is one of the best and most favorite free sports streaming website of 2020. Here you can watch the live stream of almost any sporting event you can think of. When you open this website. On the homepage, you will see all the corresponding sports that are available for live streaming.

All live streaming content on this site is in HD. Let me tell you, this website survives by showing advertisements. Therefore, I will recommend that you consider unblocking AdBlock before continuing to access this website.

But the best part about this website is that there are several options available to watch or even download the amazing sports streaming content from this free sports streaming website. No wonder, you will get the best experience streaming the content of this website from your smartphone or PC.

The site is given below

  1. VIP League

Make no mistake about the VIP name. It is a free sports streaming site. Or possibly the best free sports streaming site. But unfortunately it is blocked in some countries by ISPs. But you can still get around it easily by using a VPN service. Nowadays there are a lot of free VPN services available.

The VIP League is the only website that allows you to change the themes. So if you don’t like the user interface of this website then you just have the option to change it to your taste and preference. Above all, the characteristics are quite the same as the opinions above. On the VIP League, you can watch football, basketball, baseball and more, and that too in HD.

No wonder, you will surely enjoy free sports streaming on this website because of its amazing user interface.

The website is given below for free sports streaming.

VIP League

  1. Sony Liv Sports

Another best free live sports streaming site is Sony Liv Sports. It’s the best because it’s backed by tech giant Sony. The unique part of this website is that unlike any other sports streaming website, Sony Liv Sports sends you a notification whenever a live sports show is shown on their site.

You can also find the live scoreboard on this site. Another important thing, Sony has also launched its Sony Liv Sports app. This means that you can simply stream your favorite sporting events wherever and whenever you want.

In a nutshell, the Sony Liv Sports website and app is one of the best to give you amazing live streaming of all sporting events. Moreover, if you missed an important sporting event, you can even see the old sporting event on this website.

I think you are happy to find these live sports streaming sites that work without any issues. Here you can also try Solar Movie Alternatives which can help you watch movies for free.

Steps to download Sony Liv Sports on Android:

>> step1) To install Sony Live Sports, open Google Play Store and search for Sony Live Sports.

>> step2) click install to install the application.


Click Install

>> step3) after installation, click open.


Click on Open

>> step4) Then display the welcome and fill in the details.

Fill in the details

Fill in the details

>> step5) After that, create your profile.

Create a profile

Create a profile

>> step6) the completion of all the steps will display the home page to start watching.


Application home page

The latest thoughts on free sports streaming sites

So here are the 5 best free sports streaming websites. All of these come with cutting edge technology and amazing user experience. So from now on you don’t have to feel sorry for your busy schedule. Now you can enjoy all your favorite sporting events wherever you are.

All of this is on my side. Now is the time for you to check out all the above websites and enjoy the most amazing live streaming of all your favorite sports even without any hassle. Here in this article Dramago and Vine Downloader apps are also available.

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