Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

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Generally speaking, improving a site’s SEO and establishing brand authority is not a task that can be described as “simple”. Some actions, like building links, are not always easy to accomplish. Now, if you are looking to improve your website positioning, you have no choice but to work really hard. In this case, this guide for beginners by the way link building or creating links.

Before we begin, we must say that while Google often assures the contrary, link building is one of the main obligations of those of us who are in charge of a portal. Numerous studies conducted over the past decade highlight the strong link between successful link building and the ranking achieved in the most important search engines.

But if link building has become a hindrance for you, and you are one of those people who are really frustrated with wasted effort in link building, you should check out these tips and tricks.

Basics for building strong bonds

Everything you do works

Obviously, when Google changes the rules of the game after working hard on link building, we can get disheartened. However, you shouldn’t feel like everything has been done in vain. The relevance of link building was first noticed two decades ago and has remained undisputed since. Over time, it will continue to be a key factor for all search engines.

Watch out for the different types of links

In truth, we cannot say that all links are equal to each other. The internet as such has billions of links, although Google and other search engines only consider some of them.

Some algorithms launched by the North American firm have the mission, in fact, to ignore some of these links, so it is essential for you to be able to discern between those which are necessary and those which are not.

link building 4

The structure, the basis of your link creation

While there is an example of a website that can attract links without over-planning, it doesn’t work like that. Almost all successful portals have a plan that allows them to attract links organically and at scale.

Planning the right strategy in advance can make the difference between success and wasted effort.

Don’t forget the audience

Want to know what separates successful link builders from failed link builders?

There’s one parameter that usually doesn’t fail: Successful link builders know who will link to their content, even before they create it. In contrast, those who fail will only handle a handful of guesswork.

If you want to go from the second side to the first, you need to do some SEO field research, looking to lay the foundation for your campaign or strategy before you start. You’ll need to identify what types of content they’re already getting links to, what kind of audiences tend to quote them, how to add contact information, and more.

link building 2

The role of dissemination

Reach as a concept does not have a good reputation in the SEO world. You have surely received some of those emails or information that says avoid SPAM at all costs, do not disturb others etc.

However, a good reach will never be marked as SPAM, as the rule is that it adds value to the person you contact. Hence, create new fruitful relationships. Don’t throw them away just because.

Useful Tactics When Building Links

There are hundreds of legitimate link building tactics. But you have to choose one and trust it, devoting all your available resources and time. Only then will you know whether it works or not.

Content based link building, guest blogging, link claiming. Which one is for you?

link building 5

Measure and metric, last instance

The buildind link cannot happen over the air. It doesn’t matter if you work for an agency or if you are just trying to improve your page in the search engines. Measure what works and what can’t tell the difference.

Metrics like domain authority and page authority are what we need to weigh, seeking to generate reports that provide us with accurate statistics on what should follow and what needs to be changed.

On the other hand, you can thus check the damage caused by bad decisions.

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