Become a more organized writer with these 7 mobile apps

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Are your writing projects sometimes messy or chaotic? Improve your organizational skills with these great mobile apps.

Whether you write professionally or just write in your spare time, you know that inspiration can strike at the strangest times. You might not always have a pen and paper with you, but you almost always have your phone.

And it turns out that there are tons of great apps out there that will help you improve your organization’s skills as a writer. Check out some of the best mobile apps for writers that will help you easily stick to your goals and hone your skills.

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1. JotterPad

JotterPad is a great plain text editor that lets you write while you’re on the go. While you can usually open your phone’s default notes app to jot down your ideas, it’s not the most robust option. JotterPad allows you to personalize your text much more than your traditional notes app. You can change the margins, alignment, font size and style, etc.

One of the best features of JotterPad is its ability to switch between different write presets. So if you are working on a timeline you can select this preset and the app will automatically change the text alignment, margins etc. If you often juggle more than one writing project at a time, JotterPad does a great job of keeping everything organized.

Download: JotterPad for Android | ios (free, subscription available)

2. Pocket

If you’ve ever come across an article with lots of useful writing tips, so you can lose track of it before you can read it properly, Pocket is a great tool to have. You can bookmark just about anything you find useful online by pressing the button. Share and saving it to Pocket. Then you can read it all later in a clean and organized format.

Your browser app’s bookmarking system might seem clunky. Pocket, on the other hand, has a luxurious interface that makes it easy to scroll and read for hours. In addition, Pocket can also connect a link to your web browser. So if you see an article you like, you can save it to Pocket and then view it later on your phone.

Download: Pocket for Android | ios (free, subscription available)

3. Writer’s Companion

Writer's Companion - World-Build, Plan, Organize
Writer's Companion - World-Build, Plan, Organize

The Writer’s Companion app is a great resource for organizing your fictional world, characters, and other small details. Once you’ve created a new project, it’s easy to customize everything the way you want.

Suppose you are creating a new project for the novel you are writing. You can add as many characters as you want and give them detailed stories. It’s easy to define as many custom data fields as you want for the character.

The world building features of this app are great for fantastic works; you can create a category called “Realms” or similar, then build each realm separately. Having all of your project details in one app makes it easy to stay organized.

Download: Writer’s Companion for Android (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Original character editor

Original Character Editor [ OP Éditeur ]
Original Character Editor [ OP Éditeur ]

If you need a more structured approach to building your characters, the Original Character Editor app will be a big help. Character building is a skill that takes time and practice to fully develop. This app walks you through tons of guest fields that will help you put your character on paper.

Once you’ve filled in all of the character details, you can begin to imagine what your character will look like and what makes them tick. Everything is saved in the app and you can design as many characters as you need for your writing project.

Download: Original character editor for Android (free in-app purchases available)

5. Otter voice notes

Imagine having a great idea for a character’s development, or the perfect ending to your story, when you can’t write it down. You are driving, exercising or commuting to work and it is not easy for you to type on your phone or write something on a piece of paper.

This is where the Otter Voice Notes app comes in handy. While you can upgrade to a paid plan, the free plan gives you 600 free minutes every 31 days. For writing purposes, that’s probably a lot for you.

This app is also great for those days when you don’t feel like writing but have tons of ideas in your head. Alternatively, if you need to talk about a scene with another writer, recording that conversation can come in handy later. Anything you record yourself will be transcribed for copying and pasting later.

Download: Otter Voice Notes for Android | ios (free, subscription available)

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a fantastic writing tool to have on hand, even for the most experienced writers. Besides easily correcting misspellings or awkward sentences, Grammarly can also help you with your writing tone.

When Grammarly helps you catch errors on your first drafts, you will become more organized by the end. With it, you can make surface edits as you create your work and get suggestions on how something might look to readers.

Download: Grammarly for Android | ios (free, subscriptions available)

7. Todoist

Todoist is one of the best organizational apps for writers and everyone else. You can create larger tasks and then break them down into multiple subtasks. For more control, you can assign the task a due date and a priority level. If you work with other writers or have employees, you can assign certain tasks to other people and let them assign tasks to you as well.

In addition to adding all of your major tasks and subtasks, you can set goals for yourself. As a writer, your deadlines and goals are usually self-imposed. So the fact that Todoist lets you set daily and weekly task goals for your projects helps you stay accountable.

Download: Todoist for Android | ios (free, subscription available)

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Become an organizing professional today

While you might not have thought of asking your phone to help you organize your writing projects, it has plenty of great options for you.

Writing, organization and productivity go hand in hand. So, once you’ve organized your writing projects, make sure you have other apps in place to avoid procrastination.

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