Banana is the best Hitman 3 weapon to use in the Dubai mission

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Hitman 3 offers plenty of items to use on your rental killer missions, though it’s the more unconventional ones – like bananas – that sometimes reign supreme. We are only half joking; the banana is quite versatile, which makes it an attractive tool. This is especially true in the Dubai mission in Hitman 3.

In the mission titled On Top of the World, Agent 47 infiltrates one of Dubai’s tallest skyscrapers. Tasked with assassinating two heads of the Dark Empire of Providence, Agent 47 will encounter many objects – such as the key, the screwdriver – to help him. However, three bananas are also located on the map. They can be used to distract guards and hit enemies, and are even an integral part of Dubai challenges.

Where to find bananas

To find the three bananas you will need to search the entire map. The first is in the basement in the staff briefing room. If you’ve ever improved your Dubai Mastery, you’ve probably unlocked this shortcut. This means you can load straight into the briefing room disguised as an event staff member. The banana is ready to be picked up in front of you.

On the second floor is another security office. Looks like the guards in Dubai need their potassium. If you are dressed as a guard, you can get up and take it without much hassle.

A third banana is in Carl Ingram’s security room. It’s a small room on one of the upper levels. If you have a guard disguise, you can easily follow the signs and enter the room. On the table near a guard is the coveted fruit. Since the guard is sleeping, you can grab him and separate.

Distracting guards

Like soft drink cans, coins, and other items, bananas can be thrown to distract guards who can keep a coin. Like you would any other item, you can throw it in the vicinity you want the guard to go to, and they’ll investigate.

The only downside to throwing a banana is that it will explode on impact. This is also true if you decide to throw the delicious fruit at the head of an enemy, knocking them down. The NPC will eventually get up after the banana explodes on their dome. That leaves you empty-handed afterwards. However, given how completely hilarious the visual is, the trade-off is beyond the penalty.

Serve a split banana

Of course, you can throw a banana for a comedic and strategic effect, but bananas are rare. Instead, it’s much better to get up close and deliver a stealth bonk on the head to unsuspecting NPCs.

Bananas can be used to a large extent as melee weapons. Like any other object, you can quickly knock out an enemy with it and drag it to a safe area to be eliminated. For some reason, the banana will not explode after being used to knock someone out. I’m not going to discuss the logic, because I’m sure IO Interactive knows what they’re doing.

You can also just go to a teardrop and start knocking out enemies on the left and center with the banana. Hitman 3 encourages the player to have fun, so enjoy it with the banana.

Slip and fall

The most interesting mechanic offered by the banana is the ability to slide enemies across the skin and fall. This is not a regular mechanic that is commonly seen in Hitman 3. In fact, the game doesn’t even explain to you that such a mechanism exists. However, once you experience it, you can put together some hilarious and effective engagements.

Having an enemy slide on a banana peel isn’t as easy as dropping the object on the ground and waiting. There is a hidden option in the game to “place” an item down. On Xbox, you need to press and hold LB + RB buttons to bring up the option. On PlayStation, it’s L1 + R1, and on PC, you press the Caps Lock key.

The highlight of using the banana in this way is that it won’t arouse any suspicion after an enemy has slipped. Your prey will be knocked out and this will be considered an accident, so the other guards will not come and storm looking for you.

This strategy is especially important when completing the Flying Monkey Business challenge. Once a lockdown has been set in the hotel, your two targets will try to leave the building, and their only available exit is the parachute. The two will take their falls and make their way to the large penthouse balcony. Near golf clubs, a banana must be placed on the ground in a very specific place. Then fleeing targets will slip and fall from the building when they die. Once completed, you will be rewarded for completing the Flying Monkey Business challenge.

A banana can be found on almost any card in Hitman 3. However, given how intrinsically the item is tied to the Dubai Challenge, Bananas are the best item to use during this mission.

To know more Hitman 3, keep your eyes peeled for SQUAD.

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