Back to school 2020: what are the best Apple products for students?

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We told you, Back Market’s Back To School is heavy! The computers, the iPads and AirPods are good, but more stuff is better!

So what would you say to treat yourself to a Apple watch ? We call it “the ultimate cheat sheet of the 3th millenium ”because you have to admit it, it’s still a great plan to ensure good grades in complete discretion!

We have also been a student, so we know that the budget can sometimes be very tight. Especially if you find yourself in your own accommodation. And student accommodation without a video game console is not real student accommodation. Switch, PS4, Xbox, find our good plans here.

And if you are not in a city served by public transport, and you don’t have the time or the budget to take the permit, rejoice! There are solutions. For example, you can opt for a electric scooter super practical here.

What would a student’s life be without smartphone ? We don’t know, it can’t be easy. But if you have to treat yourself to one, we’ve got a great iPhone deal too, just here.

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