Apple TV remote control not working How do I restart it?

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Apple TV remote control not working How do I restart it?

What happens when the Apple TV remote not working? We can’t deny that having a remote to control Apple TV anywhere is extremely comfortable. But when the control in question is not working, there is little we can do. The device does not have buttons or touch screen on these occasions.

There are alternatives to control the Apple TV, although we will leave that for the end and in the meantime we will see how to fix the issue of the Apple TV remote not working.

How to fix an Apple TV remote

The Apple TV Remote’s battery lasts too long, long enough that most people forget to charge it. If your Apple TV remote isn’t working, try connecting it to the power supply and charging it for a long time. Then we will have to check if it works.

How to reset the Apple TV remote

Another option would be to restart it. For that we will have to try to unbind and fix the control in question. It’s a complex thing to do and Apple doesn’t give clear instructions on how to unpair the remote. However, it is quite possible.

  • We will need to have the remote near the Apple TV.
  • Now we hold down the menu button and the volume up button for a few seconds.
  • Then release the buttons and unplug the Apple TV, wait a few minutes.
  • Turn on Apple TV, press the menu button, and turn up the volume.
  • The Apple TV pairing instructions should appear.

Another fairly simple option, but ironically on many occasions it is a solution. It’s just a matter of unplugging the Apple TV from the power supply. Wait a few minutes, then reconnect it.

Use iPhone as an Apple TV control

We can also use our iPhone to control Apple TV. In case we can’t fix the remote control issue, but we want to see something on Apple TV. This is a temporary fix until we can fix the Apple TV remote.

  • For this we will need to access the “Settings” of the iPhone.
  • Then we go to the “Control Center”.
  • Then we will need to add “Apple TV Remote.
  • Now we touch the button on the Apple TV remote.

and voila, now we just use the commands we have on the iPhone to control our Apple TV. If Apple TV Remote doesn’t work on your iPhone, you need to install iTunes Remote from the App Store.

As a last option, we can also get another Apple TV remote control and pair it with our device.

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