Apple One Details Discovered in Android App

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Once again, it’s Apple’s own developers who have left clues about features that haven’t yet been presented. Strangely enough: this time, it was an Android application made by Apple that revealed these details.

When reviewing the current version of Apple Music for Android, 9to5Google discovered multiple mentions on “Apple One”. Only a few weeks ago Bloomberg gave some details about Apple’s subscription package, we wrote about it for you.

As a reminder: Apple One, as it is currently called, is supposed to combine several Apple subscription services and thus eventually become more attractive to users in terms of price. For example, Apple TV + and Apple Music could be offered at a lower flat rate than if the user subscribes to the two services separately.

9to5Google analyzed the latest beta of Apple’s music app for Android, version 3.4.0, and came across several mentions of “Apple One” and the codename “Aristotle”, which is apparently used internally . For example, there is talk of a “Subscription Bundle” related to Aristotle and the fact that Apple Music is part of one of these bundles.

Apple One Android Apple Music Strings 9to5Google 1

References to Apple One and a subscription plan. / © via 9to5Google

Music app reveals more details about “Apple One

In a longer text, Apple also makes it clear that the Apple One and Apple Music subscriptions do not overlap. Users will not be billed for both subscriptions.

Apple One Android Apple Music Strings 9to5Google 2

Apple Music can be part of Apple One. / © via 9to5Google

In another note, Apple developers also write that the subscription plan cannot be configured in the Android version of the app. If you want to make any changes to the subscription, you’ll need to use a device with iOS, macOS, or tvOS.

Apple One Android Apple Music Strings 9to5Google 3

Only an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac can make changes to the subscription. / © via 9to5Google

9to5Google couldn’t find any clues about Apple One’s price or launch date in its surveys. One possible date for the launch, however, is the Apple event of September 15. According to current rumors, new models of the Apple Watch and the iPad Air will be presented there.

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