Anti-blue light glasses: do they protect the eyes from screens?

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In recent years, technology has taken a relatively very important place in our daily lives. Smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions: we all have at least one of these tools at home, if not all four! However, we often forget that these devices are very rich in blue light, harmful to our health. It is even found in our lamps, such as Leds! Anti-blue light glasses options have thus emerged in recent years, promising protection for our eyes and our health. But are they really effective?

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On the color spectrum, blue light is the one that reflects the most energy. This means that the waves emitted by the latter are stronger and dazzle our eyes longer. You should know that there are two types of blue light. The former is found naturally in the sun’s rays and is beneficial for our health because it contributes to our well-being, improves our mood and allows us to sleep better. The second blue light is the artificial one, which was invented by man. Our technologies contain unsuitable amounts of it and we spend a lot of hours on screens, which constantly overexposes us to its rays. In high doses, blue light therefore becomes more dangerous than beneficial and reserves many physical and mental inconveniences, such as migraines, eye fatigue and also sleep problems.

Glasses to reduce those harmful lights

Anti-blue light spectacle lenses are designed like normal lenses. The only difference is that these new lenses have an additional treatment that prevents blue light from reflecting directly into the eye. This thus reduces the damage caused by the latter and avoids all the unpleasant symptoms mentioned above. When you change your pair of glasses, your optician usually offers you this option when choosing your glasses.

In addition, studies in the Journal of Applied Psychology have confirmed that blue light blocking glasses can be more productive at work and significantly improve sleep, especially if they are worn just before sleep. In addition, anti-blue light glasses allow better eye comfort in case of dryness. Indeed, working on screens requires a certain concentration which, over time, slows the blinking of the eyes. Thus, several Internet users have noticed the advantages of these anti-blue light glasses on their eyes and their general health: less fatigue and less migraine. Wearing glasses with anti-blue light lenses is therefore a very good initiative for our health and our eyes.

Blue light filters to ensure maximum protection

There are also blue light filters. These are in the form of software or applications that can be installed on our smartphones, tablets and computers. They make it possible to lower the rate of blue light but also to spend more time on the screens without problem. Some sites or applications already offer a “night mode” which makes it easier to tire the eyes, such as Youtube or Twitter. Combined with anti-blue light glasses, these filters therefore provide significant comfort.

You will understand, artificial blue light is a poison for our well-being and our health. The solution is therefore to prefer glasses with an anti-blue light lens of

quality to counter the negative effects of the latter. Adding blue light filters is also recommended.

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