Android alternatives that Minecraft fans must try

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We no longer present the tornado which swept through the world of explorers and architects budding. Not a destructive tornado, far from it – rather the opposite with the green light to creativity. Since his launch on android almost 10 years ago, the game did not cease to garner the players. All motivated by the same passion of construction in a new kind of game, says “Sandbox”.

So that Microsoft decides to buy. Given the success of many copies followed. Most are free, moreover, because Minecraft Pocket Edition still costs 7 Euros. Hard to sort especially since some apps contained malware. The last options also offer interesting features for more more creativity and especially less creepers. Here is our Android selection of best alternatives to minecraft that every fan should try.

  1. LostMiner


    Those who played Terraria will find the strongly inspired style. Construction, exploration and mining all in 2D. And in addition the game is free. It’s a very good alternative for Android because 3D exploration is not always so easy on small screens.

  2. The Blockheads

    The Blockheads

    This game is undoubtedly the one that Closest to Minecraft in the design. But there is many more blocks to create a world a little more advanced than on the hit from Mojang, the historic publisher of Minecraft. We particularly appreciated the fine texture rendering which are excellent on Android.

  3. Terraria


    Like all sandbox games, Terraria invites you to explore and discover new worlds! Watch out for monsters, however, there are many of them. Unlike many other titles in this genre, the view is not in 3D. Simpler for the younger perhaps? Finally, this game is paying, a little cheaper than Minecraft but well worth it.

  4. Block Craft 3D: Construction

    Block Craft 3D: Everything for construction

    This game has no limit except that of your imagination. Indeed it is necessary build and develop a virtual city with some 3d blocks like in Minecraft. Given the detail of the blocks, it is possible to build replicas of famous monuments. Players have redone Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. Hat! There is a small Roblox side also because you can visit your friends.

  5. Crafting and Building

    Crafting and Building

    Crafting and Building is another game very similar to Minecraft PE, but with a better rendering at the level of visuals. On Android, the textures are not that pixelated. Likewise, the design options characters are very advanced with even 3d emotes. It is a nice option for those who prefer to build than fight to survive.

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