an option for deleting private information

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For some time now, Google has been giving Internet users the ability to delete their personal information and private that appear in search results. You can make the request easily online via a dedicated form that you can consult this way.

Google and even before its annual I/O developer conference this year, the firm announced some changes in its privacy policy and it’s more about personally identifiable information (if I translated the term correctly Personally Identifiable Information (PII)) such as contact information, connection identifiers, personal photos, a physical address, etc.

And following this change, Google introduced a new and even more convenient tool to request the removal of your personal information that appears in the search results of Google Search. The tool is already starting to appear in some users who use the Google app on Android devices.

To check if you already have this possibility, just click on your profile picture in the application and check among your menu items if the option “Results about you” is displayed. Knowing that the option is still in beta at the moment and only available to certain users in Europe and the United States, it is unlikely that it will be available in this menu.

If the option is available, then you can already make a request by tapping on that option from the menu. A search page opens allowing you to search by your full name (Last and first name) and if information about you is displayed in the results, you must then click on the three dots next to it to access the details. And there you will have a button at the bottom “Remove result” to make your deletion request.

It is also possible to track your request once you have sent it in the same section of the Google application, i.e. by clicking on the ” Result about you / ” Results about you »

You had this new option “ Result about you or in French “Results about you” in the Google app on your Android device? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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