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The evolution of technology has favored that of electronic devices. Thus, our phones and computers have a multitude of quite useful features. One of the most common is undoubtedly the screenshot. Useful in many ways, it has led to the creation of methods for improving recorded images. The online tool Limus is one of those methods. Completely free, it will help you edit your screenshots as you wish.

Limus: improve your screenshots

The right online tool for all your image enhancements

Screenshots allow you to save an image without going through the classic process (downloading). Thanks to them, it is possible to have useful information at hand the moment you see it. However, the image is often of poor quality. It is then necessary to make some alterations, in order to use it in a formal context.

There is no shortage of methods to achieve this. You will find several applications offering to do this. However, setting the parameters could be complicated. Not to mention that some are not very effective or paying. In addition, the problem of space could arise. In fact, to claim to use an application, you must first install it on your device.

Limus does not impose any of these constraints on you. Online service, it does not require any form of download. Its configuration is automatically carried out as a whole, but you remain free to modify it as you wish. Its use is valid for screenshots as well as for all other forms of images. You are probably wondering about the conditions of access to such a service. Note that, wishing to make it accessible to all, the promoter of Limus has made its service completely free. It can therefore be used at will and in an unlimited way without any registration.

How Limus works

To use Limus, start by selecting the image to edit. A box is present on the home page of the website. Drag the image inside. All the tools will then be displayed. You can then make all the modifications you want to make on the image: rotation of the image on the x, y and z axes, perspective, position, scale and so on.

Once satisfied, you download the improved version of your image by clicking on the “Save” button. All you have to do is save your file in PNG format.

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