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With the evolution of technology, presentations and meetings have changed! No old blackboard or flipchart because these tools have been replaced for interactive screens that have become capital equipment to boost exhibitions and meetings. If we describe a interactive screen in a nutshell, it is considered quite simply a giant touchscreen tablet mounted on a wall. What are the major advantages of an Android touch screen?

Definition of an Android interactive screen

Learn, communicate, collaborate, all of its actions can be carried out with an interactive screen with an Android core. In other words, a touch screen is defined as a latest generation communication tool that modernizes the way of working and studying. In the shape of an Android tablet but in a larger version, a touch screen can be used alone without other devices such as the computer or the video projector. With a stylus or with the fingers, the user can take control of the system by making a multitude of gestures on the entire screen. Exceptional brightness or excellent image quality, this multimedia support material promises practical and easy use for totally successful presentations.

Interactive screen: for what uses?

In recent years, interactive screens have completely replaced traditional interactive solutions. On a daily basis, a touch screen can be used both in companies and in classrooms. In the professional context, an interactive screen is an effective working tool for making presentations and meetings more dynamic. In the classroom, it is used for the presentation of documents or videos concerning the different subjects. Thanks to this tactile equipment, lessons can be animated with interactive activities. The stylus or the finger is enough to control the whole screen whether it is for

  • Scroll,
  • Zoom in,
  • To rotate
  • Draw.

Why use an Android interactive screen?

An Android interactive screen has several advantages.

Android interactive screen allows digital annotation

If the whiteboard made it possible to note everything during meetings and conferences, the Android touch screen has the advantage of being a work tool integrating an annotation software allowing to save the documents as well as the files. electronic. Drawing or writing can be done on a blank white surface or on an open document according to the user’s needs.

An interactive Android screen offers a great visual experience

By adopting a touchscreen educationally or professionally, we certainly cannot ignore the superior quality images in Full HD or even Ultra HD 4K. With a beautiful brightness, this touch screen can be used even in broad daylight.

An Android interactive screen is fully autonomous

The advantage of an Android touch screen is its complete autonomy which does not require any installation of additional equipment. Incorporating a operating system Android, it can be used alone without the need for a computer or a video projector. An interactive screen is therefore easier to install and use, especially with the “all-in-one” system.

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