An easy way to take 360 ​​° photos with an iPhone

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In the past, to create a panoramic photo and distribute it on the internet, you had to invest several thousand euros in photographic equipment. Fortunately, 360-degree shooting has become widely available. Nowadays, you can take 360 ​​degree photos with a simple iPhone.

What is a 360 ° photo?

With the rise of virtual reality, panoramic photos are becoming increasingly popular on the web. You may have come across this type of photography before. Unlike a traditional snapshot, 360-degree photos provide a more immersive experience.

This shooting mode makes it possible, for example, to highlight a landscape and explore the entire environment around the camera. But contrary to what many think, panoramic photography is not reserved for an elite capable of acquiring a specific device to take spherical photos.

With the arrival of 360-degree photo applications, the practice has clearly become more democratic. To achieve this feat, the apps use a technique capable of automatically assembling the different images taken on the same axis.

Once done, photos sometimes suffer from distortion and inconspicuous editing. But although the result is not as impressive as with a device dedicated to panoramic photography, it is still possible to navigate in the landscape by swiping the screen with your finger.

Take a 360 ° photo with iPhone Pano mode

The iPhone camera has evolved steadily over the past few years. It now includes a pano option which, as its name suggests, allows you to create a pan.

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