Amazon Echo and Echo Dot 4 (4th generation): Price and availability

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It is October 22, 2020 and the new connected speakers from Amazon, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot 4th generation are already available and for sale on the web.

Unveiled quite a while ago by Dave Limp (Senior Vice President at Amazon Devices) in two spherical models. To differentiate them, just remember the two names Echo 4 for the first, and Echo Dot 4 for the second.

The first novelty and which concerns the two 4th generation speakers is the spherical shape instead of the cylindrical shape of the old one. Echo dot 3, which results in a new very successful design with a fabric finish that allows the speaker to blend into the decor of your living room especially with the LED light ring which is reflected on the surface of the speaker is asked!

Amazon’s Echo 4 speaker
The new Echo 4 speaker therefore changes its look and incorporates a 3.0-inch woofer for significantly improved sound, dual-trigger tweeters and Dolby processing that offers stereo sound with clear highs, dynamic mids and deep lows. .

The connected speaker also automatically detects the acoustics of the room it is in and adjusts and adapts the sound accordingly.

The Echo 4 speaker is sold on at a price of € 99.99 more expensive than the Echo Dot 4 because it integrates a whole smart home hub as well as support for Zigbee and Bluetouth Low Energy.

Here is an offer with a Philips Hue connected bulb and at the same price (€ 99.99) if you are interested:
Echo (4th generation), White + Philips Hue smart bulb

Amazon’s Echo Dot 4 speaker
Echo dot 4 is also available in two models, a classic and another with an LED display with clock that allows you to see the time, also consult the temperature, the alarm or start a timer.

The classic model, i.e. without a clock, is available on the Amazon site at € 59.99, on the other hand the one with the clock is marketed at a price of 69.99 €.

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