Amazon Audible, How to Learn a Language While Listening to Audiobooks

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Here are some tips for learning languages ​​while listening to audiobooks with Amazon Audible.

If you want to learn a foreign language but don’t know where to start from a way funny but effective,, devi sapere che è possibile you should know that you can learn a language by listening to audio books. In this article you will find some useful tips to learn with Amazon Audible.

Amazon Audible is the service created by Amazon for all lovers of podcasts and audiobooks who, upon payment of a monthly subscription at a cost of 9.99 euros,gives unlimited access to all titles in the catalog. Find out what Amazon Audible is and how it works here. In addition, Amazon Audible puts available for all the first episodes of its free downloadable podcasts and free of charge e a period of free use thirty days.

If you subscribe to Amazon Audible or are sure the point of registering and want to be able to take advantage of the service to learn languages ​​while listening to books audio, readthe following.

Learn Languages ​​with Amazon Audible

Learning languages ​​can be an incredibly fun experience. In fact, you can learn not only using the most classic methods, but also with little tricks that help you train your mind and get used to thinking and / or speaking in a certain language. We have already given you a few directly for learning languages ​​with Prime Video and learning languages ​​with Amazon Music, but today we want to tell you about how to do it while listening to audiobooks on Amazon Audible.

Are you ready to learn while having fun?

Listen to audiobooks in the language you want to learn

The first method we recommend you to learn languages listening to audiobooks is definitely choose a title in the language you want to learn. This way you will not only learn new vocabulary, but also how these are pronounced. You can start to learn languages, listening to a audio book that you have already read in Italian in order to make it easier to understand the text and the different terms.

Follow the text while listening to the audiobook

One tip that can certainly be helpful is to follow the text ofbook, in paper or in books electronic,while listening to the audiobook. This will make it easier for you to understand the text and relate the written form of a word to its pronunciation.

Listen to Amazon Audible with Alexa

One of the most most interesting from Amazon Audible is the ability to listen to audiobooks on Echo devices, with Alexa voice commands. comandi vocali Alexa If you have a compatible device, you can link your Amazon account Audible and have Alexa read a book for you, set timers and enjoy so many cool features that will keep you learning even when you’re busy doing other things.

Download the Amazon Audible app

Amazon Audible allows you to listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want with the free app, available for devices running iOS and Android,without any limit. To learn languages ​​faster, download the app and log into your account, so you can listen to your audiobooks anywhere, taking advantage of any useful moment to deepen your knowledge of the language.

Download audiobooks and listen to them offline

Another cool feature provided by Amazon Audible is the possibility to download audiobooks to listen to them offline so. By downloading the app on your mobile device, as we recommended in the previous point, you can download audiobooks and listen to them anytime, even without a connection Internet.

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