Alternatives to TikTok: the best apps of the moment

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Not only TikTok at revolutionized video sharing, it has become one of the most cited brands of 2020 with over 2 billion downloads last October. A meteoric rise knowing that the application was only launched on the international market in 2017. One year after its big sister Douyin in China, the country of origin of the application (hence the logo with the stylized letter d). And that’s where it gets stuck during these times of economic war.

Seen the risks of ban in the United States, because of Chinese origin, Americans have rushed to other apps. Closer to home, in France, it is undoubtedly the confinement which has contributed to its popularity. Praised by the youngest especially, they do not lack time or Combines to edit videos on TikTok. But given the million clips created on the platform, the risk of wasting time is increasing, right? Here are the apps of the moment to have a change of scenery and have fun with video creation, otherwise.

The best alternatives to TikTok on Android

  1. Triller - Music Video Maker

    Triller – Video Clip Editor

    This app is really dedicated to the world of music. Many artists are present and contribute regularly. She allows to create video clips from photos, to apply filters of course and make basic assemblies. Finally, like TikTok, you can share your creations by e-mail or on social networks.

  2. Dubsmash


    Dubsmash is so much fun! Indeed, the app allows you torecord videos of yourself on famous phrases. Choose an audio sequence and record yourself repeating the phrase. To help you choose, the options are organized by category. It is convenient! Finally, you can also share your creations with your friends.

  3. Funimate Video Effects Editor

    Funimate – Guaranteed video effects

    Many TikTok users have switched to Funimate. The editing tools are similar and as Dubsmash allows you to make superb videos in Lip-Sync.
    We enjoyed the special effects to bring again more originality to your videos.

  4. Likee - Formerly LIKE Video

    Likee – formerly LIKE Video

    Likee is by far the most used app of the bunch – a video editing tool ideal for anyone who wants create and share of clips on Android. The cinematic effects are amazing, there are some more than 300! Finally, you can add your soundtrack, credits and share the final result on the network.

  5. Playsee: Travel Social

    Playsee: video travel guide

    The last alternative is a little different. It is mainly a travel-oriented social network – so everything so much creativity but more utility thanks to your wise advice. So why not make a video about your city to entice people to visit the area when travel is possible again?

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