Allow an app in the Windows 11 firewall

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Allow an app in the Windows 11 firewall

Microsoft Defender Firewall is one of many security features available in Windows 11 to protect your computer and files from external threats as well as internal threats trying to get out.

A firewall works as a gatekeeper and blocks unused network ports, and whenever an application wants to communicate outside your device, it checks if a rule exists in its database to allow or deny network access. . If a rule does not exist, the firewall will ask you to identify yourself and grant or deny permission.

Although Microsoft Defender Firewall does a pretty good job of managing apps and features that should automatically connect through the network, sometimes you’ll need to manually allow or deny an app.

This guide will teach you the steps to allow or block application access through the firewall in Windows 11.

Allow an app in the Windows 11 firewall

To allow an app through the Windows 11 firewall, follow these steps:

1. Open windows security.

2. Click Firewall and network protection.

3. Click on the option Allow an app through the firewall.

4. Click the button Modify the parameters.

5. Check the app to allow it through the Windows 11 firewall.

Quick advice : if the application is not in the list, click on the button Allow another application to locate the app you want to authorize.

6. Choose option Private for home or work or option Audience to allow the app in public places, such as a coffee shop.

7. Click the button okay.

After completing the steps, the app will have full network access in Windows 11.

If you want to block an application through the firewall, you can follow the instructions described above, but at step 5be sure to uncheck the checkmark of the app or feature you want to deny network access to.

This guide focuses on Microsoft Defender Firewall. However, if you have another security solution, the instructions will be different. Therefore, you should check your software vendor’s support website for more specific steps.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also check this guide if you want to learn how to disable Windows 11 Firewall.

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