AGL LED Strip Test with Motion Detector

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Are you looking to light up your dressing room, your closet when you are not a DIY expert? Who has not found himself in the morning looking in his closet for clothes without having visibility because of a lack of lighting, what a waste of time! Who hasn’t got up in the evening almost tripping or bumping into a piece of furniture? Installing a led strip may be the right solution

Easy to install

The light strip is a white plastic box with 6 LEDs. This light strip is easy to use, you just need to open the back of the case by sliding it to the side. It is necessary to place 5 AAA batteries then to close. You can attach this strip to any surface using adhesives or with the screws supplied with it. It’s very easy to install, just a minute! The advantage of this system is that you do not need an electrical outlet, so it is ideal for walk-in closets or cramped areas. The LEDs are triggered as soon as you pass nearby thanks to a movement sensor and stay on for a few seconds.

Product quality

The plastic is of good quality, it looks solid. The fixing with the double-sided tape holds really well. There is no risk of the tape falling off when peeling off. The LEDs illuminate very well, movements are well detected. It is indicated that the installation of 5 batteries must allow 20,000 uses, which seems logical in view of the low consumption of the LEDs. This AGL led strip will suit many situations and thanks to its simplicity to an audience that has no DIY knowledge.

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