Add your details to the iPhone lock screen

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Imagine losing your smartphone and a Good Samaritan finds it. With the lock screen, the latter will have no way of recovering your telephone details or your email address to return your iPhone to you. In this guide, we show you how to add text (name, surname, address, landline number) directly to the lock screen to instruct well-meaning people how to contact the owner of the lost phone.

Add your contact information using the Find My iPhone app

Losing your iPhone is never pleasant. Fortunately, it sometimes happens that a charitable person finds the lost phone and tries to return it as quickly as possible to its owner. Still it is necessary that this good Samaritan manages to recover the coordinates of this last in order to agree on an appointment to return it.

Problem, the iPhone has a very effective lock screen. Whether it’s Touch ID or Face ID, it is virtually impossible to bypass Apple’s security system. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation knows a thing or two about it. It took several months for the federal agency to unlock an iPhone belonging to a criminal.

To increase the chances of finding your iPhone, it is essential to add your details on the lock screen of your phone. This way, the person who finds the smartphone will immediately know who to contact.

Losing your phone is a hassle. Beyond the hefty price of the iPhone, there are also all of their personal data and photos that we often forget to save. Now we are going to see adding their contact details on the lock screen so people know how to contact you.

  • When you lose your phone, log into the site
  • You can also open the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on the locate my iPhone icon
  • Choose the lost phone in the left column
  • Then put your device in lost mode to remotely lock your device
  • The configuration wizard will then ask you to enter a phone number, an address, an email or any other information that can help the person who falls on your iPhone to find you quickly.

This service also has a tracking system to track and display the location of the lost iPhone on the map. Please note to take advantage of all its features, you must activate the option locate my device before losing the phone.

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