Activate antispam protection on the Android phone app

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If you thought that it was enough to block a few phone numbers to protect yourself from telemarketers and other unwanted calls, you are seriously wrong. Robotic calls with a pre-recorded message are much more annoying. The Google phone application has an option to manage and block these automatic calls.

Put an end to robocalls and robot software

Robotic calling scams are on the rise. In the United States alone, there have been no less than four billion automated calls in just one month. And this is not about to stop. The imagination of crooks is limitless.

One of the most ingenious scams is pretending to be an administration or an official body such as social security or the tax center. The pre-recorded message will ask you to call back a heavily surcharged number in order to reimburse your health expenses.

Obviously, you should never follow up on this type of call. Besides trying to rip you off, these automatic calls invade your privacy. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is far from slowing down.

Setting up this type of scam is far from difficult. A robot call software also called an auto dialer, a file containing the phone numbers, a pre-recorded voice message of a few seconds and you’re done.

The calling software then takes care of dialing the phone numbers one after the other and plays the audio message without any human intervention. It is capable of making thousands of calls in a very short time.

And do not think that such a process requires a significant financial investment. Most of the time calls are only billed when the correspondent answers.

Block call bots on Android

For several years now mobile operators are trying to set up filters, without success. Google for its part has been developing an anti-spam system for several years on its Nexus and Pixel phones.

This feature is intended to notify you when a fraudulent incoming call is detected. It analyzes each incoming call and as soon as it is designated as coming from a robot, an alert message is automatically displayed on the user’s screen.

  • Install the Google phone app by clicking on this link
  • Launch the app on your smartphone
  • When opening for the first time, a message will ask you to set the Google numeric keypad as the default telephony application
  • Then return to the main screen of the app
  • Click on the menu button then on parameters
  • Select the caller number and spam section
  • Check that the identify callers and spam switch is activated

These options are normally enabled by default but verification is required. Google will then take care of notifying you when it detects an incoming call that may be unwanted. You can also ask your phone not to ring for spam calls.

To do this, simply activate the filter potentially unwanted calls option in the application settings. Calls from robots will continue to appear in your history, but you will no longer receive any notifications for these calls.

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