a utility for quick and easy backups

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Back to our posts around storage and backups with this new discovery that you will surely add to your favorites list. This is the utility BlobBackup, an open source, multiplatform, free and easy to install and use backup tool.

If you are about to seek a backup solution manual or automatic of your files and your data, a free and easy to use solution, this utility is best placed to be of service to you. BlobBackup allows you to easily schedule backups over time thanks to its simplistic interface and you will be able to perform these backups locally or in the cloud in different places for example on Amazon AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, S3 Storage or directly on your server in SFTP, everything is encrypted in AES 256 bits in GCM mode.

For backups, you have two choices on the menu, you can schedule them to run automatically at a specified time, every day / hour, or only on certain days of the week or if you don’t want to automate the task, you can choose the backup. ‘manual backup option. BlobBackup runs in the background for scheduled tasks and is accessible from the system tray.

And finally, to install it, just download it from Github in the section Assets depending on your operating system Windows, macOS or Linux. The program is still in beta and requires approximately 173MB of storage space.

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