A solution to control your Android TV with a smartphone

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Most Android TV boxes and TVs come with a remote control to control the most common functions. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that they break or be lost. If you can not do without your remote, know that it is quite possible to control your Android TV from a smartphone. We explain how to do it.

Remote control your Android TV from your phone

You can find a considerable number of remote controls on Amazon to control your connected television device. But why spend ten euros when a simple Android smartphone can perform this task very well.

As you know, modern phones have over the years become a real Swiss Army knife capable of doing a multitude of things. Newspapers, compass, flashlight, camera, notepad, stopwatch, alarm, calculator and even road map, smartphones can do almost anything.

The Android TV system is capable of being connected to other Android devices. You can therefore use your smartphone or tablet to control your box or your television. Obviously, this will require you to install an application.

Configure Android Remote TV Control

Google is launching a free application to use a mobile device as a remote control, simply called Android TV Remote. This application is able to command to control Android TV.

It also has a touchpad much easier to use than a simple Universal remote controller. This application developed by Google is also very useful when entering long text. It integrates a touch keyboard and a microphone function to launch searches very easily.

  • Start by connecting your smartphone and your Android TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Download the Android Remote TV app on your phone
  • Then launch the virtual remote control app
  • Select the name of your Android TV
  • A PIN code will automatically appear on your television screen
  • Enter the PIN code on your phone
  • Click on the pair button

Once your phone is connected to your box or to your television, you will see the pad appear in full screen on your mobile. The arrows (up, down, left, right) will allow you to navigate in the different menus of Android TV.

To launch the touchpad, you will need to click on the menu button at the top left and then select touchpad mode. At the top of the window is the icon to launch the keyboard or voice search via the microphone.

If there is a problem during pairing between your mobile and your television, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the problem persists, activate Bluetooth on your phone, launch the Android Remote application TV, select your device from the list and make a Bluetooth pairing request. You will receive a notification once the connection is complete.

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