a process allowing you to take stock of your professional life.

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the skills assessment allows you to analyze your Professional skills and personal, as well as your capacities and motivations to support professional development projects, organize training if necessary. This can be a real springboard for your career. This article gives you all the information you need on this topic.

Skills assessment: definition

Thanks to skills assessment, you can assess your course to help you define a professional project coherent or validate a training project. the skills assessment is usually linked to the desire to fire, to leave the company, to change jobs or to change careers. He answers your questions about the good management of your career and allows you to find a satisfying job. Throughout the process of skills assessment, whatever your age, your status or your level of education, a consultant will help you improve your experience and your image for a specific position.

How and why to carry out a skills assessment?

If you do not yet have a precise understanding of the skills assessment, find out in the following paragraphs how to take a skills assessment and what are its advantages.

Why do a skills assessment?

The skills assessment can help you:

  • regain confidence in yourself and your abilities;
  • reinvest in their current job in another way (other tasks, other functions, or other perspectives on their situation);
  • resume training (as part of your current or new job);
  • engage in non-professional activities (leisure, civic engagement);
  • find another job or carry out complementary professional activities;
  • request a change in their workstation or schedule.

Whatever your reason, it is still legal. Whatever your qualifications in professional life, whether you have 5 or 25 years of professional experience, whether you have worked in one or more companies, once you ask yourself questions about your work, you have every right to right to request a professional support. the skills assessment can answer all your questions.

How is the skills assessment carried out?

the skills assessment is a three-step process. There is first a so-called preliminary stage, which includes the analysis of your requests and needs, the verification of your participation and explains the ins and outs of your balance sheet. Then comes the investigative stage, during which all your personal and professional skills, as well as your needs and wishes will be exposed. With your consultant, you will check the relevance of your project or set up several career paths in line with your desires and talents. Finally, the last step is the synthesis step. Thanks to all the work done in the previous phases, you now have all the elements to make your professional project.

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