A practical guide to choosing a multifunction printer

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There is a wide range of printers on the market, each model has its specificities. Whether ink or laser, mono or multifunction, they allow both professionals and individuals to print and scan documents. There are various types of multifunction printers and you can choose the suitable model by considering several criteria. How to choose the right multifunction printer? What are the best printers on the market?

First of all, what is a multifunction printer?

As the name suggests, the multifunction printer combines many features that are necessary and beneficial to the user. So, to choose the best device, you can use the comparison on multifunction printers online. Indeed, a multifunction printer combines three modes of use, including copying, a function allowing it to make photocopies of documents. Then there is document scanning, that is, scanning the documents and rendering them as digital files. Finally, fax, which allows the user to send a fax from a local network. Multifunction printers can work with inkjet or laser. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, this type of device saves you time and allows you to multitask at the same time. A printer of this type is more than necessary to save time and also it allows you to save money by avoiding purchasing three devices (printer, scanner, fax machine) which will cost you more.

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What criteria should be taken into account?

The quality of the print

When choosing a multifunction printer, it is important to consider the print quality of the device. This takes into account the resolution of the image which is expressed in dots per inch. On the French models you will find “ppp” and for the English models, “dpi” which is the acronym for “dot per inch. »The resolutions are different from an inkjet multifunction printer to a laser printer. Thus, when choosing, you must consider the nature of your prints, the types of paper you often use, the type of ink the device uses, the software integrated into the printer, etc.

Printer connectivity

Thanks to the evolution of technology, multifunction printers are distinguished from each other based on their connectivity. While all models can be connected to the computer using a USB cable, some models use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. With the Wi-Fi connection, using the printer becomes much easier. Printing can be started using an application on the smartphone or tablet. Once the machine is connected to the local network, all employees can use it with the connectivity of their choice. Some models also use Bluetooth for connectivity. It all depends on your business needs. These diversities allow you to make the most suitable choice.

Printing speed

This criterion is very important to take into account especially when you want to use the printer intensively. If it is to print some documents in passing, the problem does not arise. But when it comes to printing a lot of documents or scanning intensively, you have to consider the number of pages the machine can print per minute. As standard, the norm is 10 pages per minute, which is noted as “ISO speed.” “. However, brands and manufacturers offer very competitive models in the market.

One of the ways to make a good choice is to refer to the ISO / IEC 24734 standard. It is not uncommon to find multifunction printers that offer up to 30 pages per minute. Note that the printing speed can be strongly influenced by the quality of the printing and many other criteria such as the type of ink used, the nature of the paper, etc. The choice will therefore be made according to your needs.

Multifunction laser or inkjet printer

From the outset, you should know that the two systems do not work the same way. Color inkjet models are more accessible than their laser peers. So, to get a good deal, a small or medium-sized business can afford it quickly. On the other hand, laser multifunction printers are much more expensive on the market. There are monochrome laser printers and color ones. Laser models do not support the use of thick papers when printing and are not suitable for printing photos and the like. On the other hand, inkjet models consume less energy than their peers. There are many differences between these two models. The user can make his choice according to his needs.

Costs per page

This is a good criterion that lets you know if you will have a return on your investment or if you can really save money on your device. The cost per page calculation is done before purchase. It is therefore a matter of dividing the purchase price of the device and the number of pages printed. This calculation is strongly influenced by the number of texts on the page, the images present there, the type of paper used, the intensity of the color of the image, etc. Also, is it important to take into account the habits and frequency of use of the device? Whether it is a laser or inkjet multifunction printer, you really have to check this criterion.

The selling price and brand of the device

In the market there is a very wide range of multifunction printers. So, you can only make your purchase according to your budget and your frequency of use. In addition, some brands are more reliable than others. This is the reason why, above all, do not rush when buying your device. It is important to check the technical data sheets of the devices, to compare their capacities and functions before making your final choice.

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Focus on the best multifunction printers on the market

– The Brother Business Smart MFC-J5335DW

This multifunction printer model has four modes of operation. These are: faxing, printing, scanning and copying. In addition, it has the ability to print 22 pages in one minute. When printing, the first page has the record of coming out in just 6 seconds. It is compatible with A3 size sheets. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity. Its ink cartridges are much appreciated by the public. It is a professional device that has proven itself and is sold at a good price / quality ratio in the market. However, users do not like its too noisy side and its slightly too fragile plastic strips.

– HP DeskJet 2630

HP DeskJet 2630

This HP printer is an entry-level device with technology that does not leave you indifferent. On the other hand, it is a 3 in 1 model, namely: scanning, printing and photocopying. It works only on Wi-Fi and can be easily integrated into offices. Printing is fast with this printer, 20 pages per minute. It is a device sold at a price accessible to everyone. It is also equipped with the option “Instant Ink” which allows to realize 15 free impressions every month. On the negative side, it does not have a USB port and there is a lack of calibration on the top of the page.

– Epson WF-110W

Epson WF-110W

Characterized by its practicality, this portable printer can be carried and used anywhere. Whether for professional purposes or for use at home, it will meet the needs of the user very well. It enjoys a very good autonomy and is not bulky with its weight of only 1.6 kg. Its print quality sets it apart from all other models on the market. In terms of connectivity, it also scores a great point thanks to USB connectivity, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. The print speed is only 4 pages per minute in color and 7 pages per minute in monochrome. On the other hand, it does not allow digitization, this is its weak point. Ink cartridges are not given with purchase.

– Canon TS9150

Canon TS9150

It is a 3 in 1 model of the brand, very popular on the market. It allows printing, copying and scanning. In addition, it stands out for the print quality of its photos, which is a considerable advantage. Its plastic design allows it to be solid all the same, but not too attractive in this respect. In addition, the cartridges are not given for purchase and are very expensive. However, one of the reasons to buy it is that it comes with duplex functionality, which is not the case on many machines. Its price is affordable in the market. This Canon model can be used both at home and in the office. Sold at a good price in the market, you will get a good deal with this machine. Its other sisters Canon TS8250 and Canon 2228C006 are also attractive.

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