a new record of active users

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After a year of its launch, the Call of Duty: Warzone game has been able to attract a record number of users and players online and is subsequently setting its footsteps in the halls of competing Battle Royal games including Fortnite and PUBG. A success that adds to the other exploits of the Call of Duty or COD series.

Game publisher Activision announced on their Twitter account that this episode of Call of Duty : Warzone has passed the 100 million active player mark and this is the first time since the launch of COD and facing strong competitors in the same lineup of online games.

And as a reminder, Activision the publisher and developer of Call of Duty launched the Warzone episode a year ago already to clearly compete with Fortnite and PUBG by introducing the new genre or style Battle royale to the game just like its competitors. A concept which brings together the survival game and the shooting game in order to remain the last alive in the fight (The top 1 or Last man standing in English).

The game allows you to play 150 players on 3 teams with a workforce of 50 players per team, a little more than what we find in the others (100 participants on Fornite and PUBG).

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