A new personalized training service by Apple

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Not yet available, the new Fitness + service by Apple is a first training and monitoring experience designed for an Apple Watch by exploiting all its technology, metrics and sensors.

The service and still according to Apple will be available to owners of an Apple Watch but with a subscription of 9.99 dollars per month or 79.99 dollars annually and it is from the year 20121. However and to be able to test this service just like Apple TV + or Apple Music, it will be possible to have this Fitness + for free for a period of one month or 3 months if you buy an Apple Watch Series 3 or a newer model of this watch.

The service Fitness + will therefore exploit an application dedicated to training and installed on your iPhone or iPad (Fitness Application) by default to automatically start tracking on your Apple Watch and to simultaneously synchronize data between it and other devices connected to the same service, the service Fitness +. Tracking will therefore be started automatically on your Apple Watch depending on the type of training, such as cycling, yoga, dancing, running and so on.

The service Apple Fitness + will be available first in Australia, then Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, England and finally the United States.

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