9 best side-by-side (split screen) video apps for Android and iOS

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Split screen has become an essential tool that many users now expect to see in video editing apps.

As we all know demand creates supply, so many apps now have this feature – but are all of them worth trying?

We’ve rounded up the 9 best side-by-side (split screen) video apps for Android and iOS, so you won’t have to spend your time on outrageous apps. All of these apps have great features, but concepts may vary – some apps are dedicated entirely to split screen, others are all-in-one editors. And if you want to be even more creative with your videos, you might also be interested in the applications dlevitation photo effects.

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1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker, Crop Video
FilmoraGo-Video & photo montage
FilmoraGo-Video & photo montage

Let’s start with the FilmoraGo app. It’s one of the most used editors on the market right now, and it covers a split screen tool.

Suffice to say, if you need to edit a video for TikTok or even YouTube, this app is the best choice to do it on the go. It covers over 1000 tracks and over 5000 filters and stickers that you can add to your videos. In addition, you will be able to add your media files and even immediately record personalized voiceovers. The user interface is easy to use which is great for beginners.

Of course, the functionality of this app is not comparable to professional PC software, but that’s not what we’re here for, right? The split screen tool covers various layouts that you can use as a basis, but you can also start from scratch. The app also supports videos from any report so you won’t have any problem with that.

You will also be able to adjust transitions and perform basic color correction. In addition, there are many prefabricated filters if needed. The speed control tool is also covered and you will be able to export the videos quickly to HQ.

2. Free Vidstitch


This app allows you to combine your photos and videos into a great collage.

Conceptually, this app has a major layout for IG vibes, only this one lets you work with videos as well. The app also has automatic IG sync, so you can post your videos right to your computer. Rendering goes in the background, so you can use other apps and not wait unnecessarily for completion.

In addition, the app comes with a simple user interface which is suitable for both hobbyists and experienced editors. All you have to do here is choose a collage frame and tag all the videos to fill it. As already mentioned, you can combine photos and videos into one picture.

You will be able to rotate the videos and photos with the collage and also add various filters and stickers. The app covers a wide range of frameworks, but some of them are only available for business users. Once you are done, you can preview the video before saving it to avoid any mistakes.

3. Side by side video

Side by side video
Side by side video

As you can guess by the name, this app is all about creating split screen videos.

This is a video collage maker that lets you create cool videos for your SM easily. The app supports all ratios for all popular SMs, from TikTok to FB. The design is quite minimalist and there is hardly anything to distract you from the editing.

It must be said that this app doesn’t have a wide variety of frame styles, so there isn’t much you can do to get creative. In addition, there are only two frames – the vertical and the horizontal. Each frame is designed for two videos and there is no way to add more.

Apart from the previous app, this one only works on videos, so you won’t be able to add photos here. But let’s get to the good part: there are plenty of tracks that you can add to your videos for free. All the trendy songs are covered and new ones are added regularly. The app works on a sub-pack, but a free trial is available.

4. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost Collage Slideshow
PicPlayPost Collage Slideshow
PicPlayPost - Video Editor
PicPlayPost - Video Editor

It’s a slideshow maker that lets you make edits on the go.

This app lets you create complex slideshows and edits without much effort. In case you’ve never edited a video before and need to find something fast, the app covers automatic slideshows you just need to choose the content.

Along with this, there are plenty of collage layouts that are neatly customizable. You can adjust the frame square and grid to fit your video, and you can customize the frame color as well. As for the length, you can shoot videos up to 5 minutes, which is rare for mobile editors.

Moreover, the app covers a built-in music library from which you can get tracks. You can add lots of stickers and memes as well. The app supports different ratios for all platforms. Once the video is finished, you can save it in HQ.

5. Video Merge

Video Merge - Side by Side
Video Merge - Side by Side

This app will help you make split screen edits in a snap. It must be said that the app is entirely dedicated to split screen videos, so there isn’t much else to do here.

The mechanics are more than simple: just choose two videos and place them in a frame to play them side by side. The app’s user interface isn’t perfect, but it’s not too boring either.

Here the app only allows you to choose two videos, and they can only be placed next to each other. Moreover, you can only select videos and there is no way to combine them with pictures. You can’t change the bg in any way, so you’ll have to stick to solid black.

In case you want to be more creative with editing and add filters, this app can’t help you. Overall, it’s just an app that lets you put two videos side by side and render them.

6. CapCut

CapCut - Video Editor
CapCut - Video Editor
CapCut - Video Editor
CapCut - Video Editor

This is another all-in-one editor that can cover all your needs. First of all, this app is very easy to use, so anyone can take care of it. The tool set is standard but yet quite effective.

You will be able to cut videos, adjust speed, reverse and more. Moreover, the app covers several color correction tools like brightness, contrast and everything in between.

Beyond that, there is a split screen tool that lets you create a collage from two or more videos. There are different frames and templates that you can use as a basis, and you can adjust them to suit your content. Here, you can add files to all videos in one image or to individual videos instead.

In addition, the app offers a compilation of musical hits that you can use for your videos. You can also add stickers and captures if needed. And if you want to be even more creative, you can add effects. The app is free, but there is a paid pack for some additional features.

7. VidTrim

VidTrim - Video Editor
VidTrim - Video Editor
VidTrim - Video Editor Effect
VidTrim - Video Editor Effect

Here is a video editor that covers various features.

The app covers trimming and blending tools as well as some video effects, audio extraction, etc. Moreover, you can rotate videos, mirror them, invert them, etc. Of course, there are also many color correction instruments and filters that you can use.

To be more specific, the app covers negative effects, blur, lupe, vintage, etc. The split screen tool allows you to place two videos side by side like a collage. The amount of images is not that large, but you can adjust them to fit the content perfectly.

The app is multilingual and supports over 15 languages ​​at the moment, including Simplified Chinese. It must be said, the interface is pretty old-school, and it might sound boring, but the functionality is still great.

8. Video merger

Video Merger, Joiner (MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, AVI)
Video Merger, Joiner (MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, AVI)

As the name suggests, this is a video merging app that lets you make changes quickly.

The app covers various input and output formats, from mp4 to avi and mkv. The app covers three styles of blending: side by side, top / bottom, and sequential. Well, the first one is pretty obvious – it’s a split screen tool that stacks two videos horizontally.

However, you cannot merge more than two videos at a time. Also, you can’t do anything about the bg or the frame – there’s only one standard option available. The up / down style is the same split screen but with the vertical stack. The rules are the same: only two videos and no additional effects.

And the last tool is the one you will use to create a classic slideshow. This tool allows you to create an unlimited number of videos by putting them one after the other. So you can automatically combine the resolution of different videos into one.

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9. Movavi Clips

Video Editor Movavi Clips: slideshow video editor
Video Editor Movavi Clips: slideshow video editor
Movavi Clips: Edit video
Movavi Clips: Edit video

And finally, we have a slideshow editor which covers a video tool side by side.

It is an advanced editor with lots of video and audio tools that let you create professional looking video. Moreover, the app supports HQ export, so you can be sure that the quality will not spoil your work.

When it comes to tools, there are standard tools like crop and zoom, and more fun ones. Moreover, there is also a merge which allows you to stack videos side by side in vertical or horizontal mode. There is also a speed controller if needed.

Beyond that, you will be able to adjust transitions, play with color correction, add filters and stickers. You can even add a custom watermark to any video. There is also a large music base that you can use for free as a soundtrack for your projects.

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