7 solutions to the mouse scroll wheel problem

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Recently my mouse has started having temper tantrums. Every time I slid down it would jump a bit. Scrolling through long pages was a real nuisance. It had become so boring that he thought about buying a new mouse. Luckily I tried a few solutions and these helped me fix the issue with the mouse wheel not scrolling the page.

I wrote a list of solutions that will help you fix the mouse wheel scrolling issue. Some of them are as simple as cleaning the mouse while you will have to change some settings with others. Let’s read about the different solutions when the mouse wheel is not working well.

1. Clean the mouse

I know, as obvious as it sounds, that this could potentially fix the problem. No, it is not necessary to open the mouse. Blow air several times through the slots around the scroll wheel.

If the air blower does not work, turn the scroll wheel to blow air. Keep blowing air with your mouth until the problem is resolved. The air puff works because, over time, dust begins to collect around the scroll wheel, causing slippage issues.

2. If the mouse wheel turns, change the ports or batteries.

If you have a wireless mouse, replace the battery. You can also plug in your wired mouse (or wireless mouse with a dongle ) to another USB port. Hopefully this fix fixed the unstable mouse scrolling issues (as I go forward I go back).

3. Update the mouse drivers

Many times old or problematic drivers also cause mouse wheel jumping issues on a computer. To resolve this issue, you need to update your driver first. Here are the steps:

  1. Right click on the Start menu icon on your Windows PC and select Device Manager.
  2. Expand Mice and Other Pointing Devices in Device Manager. Then right click and select Update Driver. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. If updating the drivers did not resolve the issue, right-click and select Properties. Go to the Driver tab and tap on Roll Back Driver.
  4. If that still doesn’t resolve the issue, right-click the mouse name again and select Uninstall device. Restart your computer.

Suggestion: see our guide on how to update drivers in Windows 10.

4. Change the mouse scroll settings

Several users have suggested that changing the number of scroll lines at a time corrects the mouse wheel issue. While scrolling, you won’t notice a lot of hopping. To change the setting, follow these steps:

  1. Open the control panel on your computer. Change the display of to Small icons. Select Mouse. Use Windows Search to search for Control Panel.
  2. Go to the Rotation tab. Change the number to “Number of rows at a time”. Go with 5 or check with the different numbers and see what works for you. Click OK to save the changes.

You can access the above setting from Windows 10 Settings> Devices> Mouse. If your mouse came with its own software, also check its settings.

5. Disable the pointer while typing

The pointer is another setting that could prevent the mouse wheel from scrolling the page. You must turn off “Hide pointer when typing” in the mouse settings.

In the control panel, open the mouse settings as we did above. Then access the pointer options in the mouse properties. Uncheck the box next to Hide pointer when typing.

6. Update the app

Sometimes the mouse scrolling up and down issue only occurs in a particular third party app like Chrome. If the problem is limited to a particular application, update the problematic application.

7. Solve problems with the mouse wheel

Finally, use the Windows troubleshooter to identify any mouse related issues. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the control panel. With View as Small Icons, navigate to Devices and Printers or Hardware and Sound.
  2. Right click and select Troubleshoot. Follow the instructions on the screen.

8. Disable tablet mode

If the mouse scrolls very slowly over a web page or document, use tablet mode. It may have accidentally activated. When this happens, the mouse scrolling sometimes works slowly. To turn off tablet mode, open the Action Center on your PC by clicking the icon in the lower right corner. Click on tablet mode to turn it off. If it’s disabled, turn it on and off.

We conclude

The scroll button is one of the underrated buttons. If it stops working or does not work as expected, you will not be able to do your job properly. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix. We hope that one of the solutions above has helped you to resolve the issue of the wheel not scrolling or malfunctioning.

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